Corrugated COLORBOND® Metal Roof Sheets

Colorbond Corrugated Iron is among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility.

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Corrugated COLORBOND® Iron is among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility. These Lysaght corrugated iron roofing panels, which are also known as Custom Orb, are suitable for traditional and contemporary roofing projects alike.

Available for Melbourne customers  - please see further listings for Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide deliveries.


COLORBOND® sheets are available in a wide array of different colours to match absolutely any building project and is made in Australia using Bluescope steel.

Buy today, Metal Roofing Online can cut your roof sheeting to a custom length for optimal convenience with a fast 2 - 3 day delivery turnaround.

Corrugated COLORBOND® is one of the most durable, long-lasting roofing materials available and it’s virtually maintenance-free. Made from hi-tensile steel this profile whilst strong, is also lightweight which minimises sheet damage.

Corrugated sheeting is pierce fixed which ensures easy fixing by the conventional method. To ensure maximum weather protection our Corrugated has a 1.5 rib overlap. The wide cover (762mm) allows for quick installation, saving on both materials and labour. This versatile profile can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 5 degrees.

Here at Metal Roofing Online, we only use and recommend Class 4 screws when installing your roof sheeting as they last considerably longer in the elements. In a standard roofing application, when fixing to either timber or metal purlins, we have in our range a Multifix screw which is the perfect choice for this roofing iron.

When using the corrugated iron sheet in a wall cladding application, there is choice between 12 gauge x 25 mm timber fix screws, when fixing into timber. Othewise, 10 gauge x 16mm will do the trick when fixing into steel.These screws are shorter as they are fixed into the pan (or valley) of the corrugation.
"Cover of roofing sheet"   :  is the measured amount each sheet will cover (including side lap) when layed in position on the roof. IE the cover of a corrugated roof sheet is 760mm or .76 metre.

corrugated metal roofing fixing
Colorbond corrugated roofing. Easy online ordering. Australia


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Helpful Tips For Installing Quality Roofing Materials Like LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® roofing and cladding.


Unless they have an especially extensive knowledge of the different components that make up a strong and sturdy property, homeowners hardly ever give a second thought about their roof after it has been installed during the time of the property's construction. It may be the crowning glory of their cherished shelter, indeed, but while it is highly visible to people from the outside, the homeowners themselves will rarely spend time actually looking at their roofs to inspect for damages or even simply to admire the workmanship of the contractors who have put it together. The roof towers over everything and serves as the major feature that protects the house from the elements, and while the homeowners experience the benefits it provides, they often lack the expertise or the discerning eye to truly observe any roof's present condition.


Fortunately, there are roofing contractors who are specifically trained to handle all aspects of installing, repairing and restoring roofs across residential and commercial applications. Corrugated iron prices are not going down, so it's important for homeowners to ensure that their trusted home improvement specialists are doing a stellar job at installing and helping to preserve the good condition of the roof so that they can get the best possible value for their investment in their home.


LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® corrugated roofing is one of the most important roofing materials that homeowners can choose to have on their property. To aid contractors in effectively putting up a top-quality roof, here are some tips and guidelines for installing LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® roofing and cladding.


1. Remember that LYSAGHT corrugated roofing should be pierce-fixed to timber or steel supports.


2. When placing screws, make sure to get them through the crests or valleys. Take note, however, that placing roof screws through the crests is ideal if you aim to maximise water-tightness. If walling is the objective,  either crest or valley-fixing is recommended.


3. Screws should be kept perpendicular to the sheeting while also being in the centre of the rib or corrugation.


4. Fasteners should not be placed less than 25 millimetres from the roofing sheet ends. These fasteners should also always come with insulation.


5. When laying sheets, keep in mind that this should be done toward the prevailing weather. Begin laying the sheets from the end of the structure that is closest to the worst-anticipated weather to ensure maximum weather-tightness.


6. A circular saw is recommended for cutting thin metal on site.


7. The LYSAGHT products are not compatible with materials like copper, bare steel, lead and green or chemically-treated timber. There should be no contact between the materials and rainwater from those items should not be discharged onto the LYSAGHT materials.


8. If you wish to let the roof shutters overlap into gutters (as is the usual practice), do so by about 50 millimetres. Make sure to turn down the valleys of roofing sheets at lower ends and turn them up at upper ends.




Know Your Metal — Top Four FAQs About Metal Roof Sheeting

You might not even think about it at all — until, of course, it suddenly dawns on you that you need to know about roofing. You suddenly realise that you should know about roofing because (1) your roof needs replacing and you want to choose a durable material that’ll stand up to fire, wind, and water, or (2) you’re renovating your home and you want to know about cheaper options for roofing material.
Arguably, one of the more recommended options for roofing material is metal. It offers numerous benefits and is readily sourced when you need it. Here are the top four most frequently asked questions about metal roofing to help you make an informed choice.

1. Is a metal roof going to cost me more than other materials?

A metal roof will cost more than your typical roofing material like asphalt shingle because the solid material is considered as a premium home product. But here’s the thing: A metal roof will help you save more money in the long run. When you choose a reputable manufacturer and an installer, you’ll have decades of use out of your metal roof so it’s an excellent investment for your property. Some reportedly come with a staggering 30-year warranty. A typical roofing material may have a shorter life span and require costly maintenance.

2. Will metal roof take on harsh weather conditions?

Your metal roof can give you and your family excellent protection against harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, hailstorms, high winds, and heavy rains. The roofing material is known to have 140 miles per hour rating, which means that it can take on wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour.

In addition to its durability against extreme weather, metal is also the ideal roofing material in areas where wildfires are likely to occur. Metal can protect your house from embers that could land on your roof.

3. What are some of the other benefits of installing a metal roof?

Apart from the fact that a metal roof can stand up to extreme weather and will not burn, it’s also easy to maintain, easy to install, and highly reliable. A standing seam metal roof is known to provide decades of trouble-free performance, with virtually little to no maintenance. A metal roof may also be installed year round and over an existing roof, which prevents further costs and time spent on removing the old roof. And a standing seam metal roof can provide sufficient drainage from rain and snow, eliminating leaks and other similar issues.

4. Isn’t a metal roof noisy when it rains?

A study performed by The Acoustic Group in the University of Luleå, Sweden, discovered that the sound produced when rain falls on metal isn’t significantly higher than the sound level from other roofing materials like shingle. So no, a metal roof isn’t going to be as noisy as you think. But the sound emitted will depend on the construction: A metal roof put over open framing will produce louder noise than ones installed over a solid roof deck; the deck absorbs the sound, or pitter patter, of the rain.



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  • Wall Internal 2150
  • Wall End 1700
  • Roof Internal 1200
  • Roof End 900
  • Mass (KG/M2) 4.3
  • Cover (MM) 762
  • BMT 0.42


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