COLORBOND® Roofing Corrugated Iron Sheets

COLORBOND® roofing in Corrugated Iron sheet profile. among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility.

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PURCHASE COLORBOND® ROOFING SHEETS in corrugated iron profile


Among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility. These corrugated iron roofing sheets, which are also known as Custom Orb, are suitable for traditional and contemporary roofing projects alike.


COLORBOND® roof and cladding sheets are available in a wide array of different colours to match absolutely any building project and is made in Australia using Bluescope steel. To see the colours click here



Available for Melbourne customers only - Please see further listings for Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide deliveries.



Metal Roofing Online can cut your corrugated iron to your custom length for optimal convenience with a fast 2 - 3 day delivery.


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Corrugated COLORBOND® is one of the most durable, long-lasting roofing materials available and it’s virtually maintenance-free. Made from hi-tensile steel this profile whilst strong, is also lightweight which minimises sheet damage.

Corrugated sheeting is pierce fixed which ensures easy fixing by the conventional method. To ensure maximum weather protection our Corrugated has a 1.5 rib overlap. The wide cover (762mm) allows for quick installation, saving on both materials and labour. This versatile profile can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 5 degrees.

Here at Metal Roofing Online, we only use and recommend Class 4 screws when installing your roof sheeting as they last considerably longer in the elements. In a standard roofing application, when fixing to either timber or metal purlins, we have in our range a Multifix screw which is the perfect choice for this roofing iron.

When using the corrugated iron sheets in a wall cladding application, there is choice between 12 gauge x 25 mm timber fix screws, when fixing into timber. Othewise, 10 gauge x 16mm will do the trick when fixing into steel.These screws are shorter as they are fixed into the pan (or valley) of the corrugation. "Cover of roofing sheet" : is the measured amount each sheet will cover (including side lap) when layed in position on the roof. IE the cover of a corrugated roof sheet is 760mm or .76 metre.

Please consider both resistance to wind pressure and foot traffic for roofing spans.
Walling Sheet spans - please consider wind pressure only.
Roof Sheet Spans (.42 BMT)
Single Span 700   End Span 900   Internal Span 1200
Wall Spans (.42 BMT)
Single Span 1800   End Span 2500   Internal Span 2700

corrugated metal roofing fixing

How to Order Corrugated Colorbond Sheets Online


The Practicality Of Purchasing Colorbond Roofing Online

Damage in roofs, oftentimes, is localised in a small area; that’s why people just try to patch it up the best way they can with silicone (a highly recommended trick by the crudest DIY-ers). They believe it’s just too much work to change an entire roofing sheet when the damage is quite small, like the size of a hand; the whole thing normally has to be taken off. Most roofing sheets are really long and can be the length of half a small room, so it truly is a big hassle to replace the whole damaged sheet.


Actually, there’s no need to do that because there are places that actually cut roofing sheets according to the size customers require. Just buy a full sheet then tell them the size you need and they will cut it for you (do determine what you can do with the rest of the sheet, though, because there’s certainly a lot of projects you can make with it and you may just require cutting services for those projects, too). With this service, you can simply ask a roofing professional to remove the damaged sheets so the new sheets can replace it and your roof will leak no more.


Now, if you’re purchasing corrugated iron sheet and you don’t want to spend so much on that and a  few of the accessories for it to be installed as a patch-up for your roof or even replacing your whole roof, your best chance of scoring a good deal is to go online. Here at Metal Roofing Online we offer the supply of roofing sheets and accessories at great prices for high quality and affordable Colorbond roofing. The standard retail price for this brand of roofing is already budget-friendly, but we actually have special discounted prices for them which you wouldn’t be able to find in your local hardware or home improvement store.


On top of that, it’s just more convenient to find what you particularly need when you shop online because you get to access the complete selection. You don’t have to go from store to store to find the specific design profile, colour, size, and price that you want. You save time and energy; plus, the money you’re likely to spend on petrol can just be used for shipping. We will have the sheet and your other orders at your doorstep in two to three days.


Last, but surely worth mentioning, is that when you purchase online, you can actually get advice from us, roofing specialists on how you can carry out your repair properly using the product you’d just purchased or intend to purchase. You actually get someone who knows the product well, instead of a salesperson who doesn’t even know that corrugated iron is also called Custom Orb. Overall, purchasing your roofing essentials online delivers better prices, convenience, and much better customer service.

Top 5 Advantages Of Buying Colorbond Roofing Online


The number of online shoppers continues to swell every year. When it comes to gadgets, books, music and movies and yes, even Colorbond roofing, a sizeable number of consumers purchase products online. It is also worthwhile to mention that more and more people are checking out the products they wish to purchase at physical stores, but buy them online. Why? Here are several compelling reasons to shop online, whether you are eyeing to purchase the latest smartphone or corrugated iron sheets for your next building or roofing project.


Informed shopping decisions


When you are about to purchase a big ticket item, you do not simply proceed to buy. The first thing that you probably do is look for retailers and check their offers. The conventional way to do that would be to visit each shop that sells that item. The trouble here is that you may find a shop that offers the lowest price, but then you end up spending more on gas and you have wasted precious time, negating the cost savings.


With online shopping, you can readily find online merchants that sell similar items. Here, you can immediately compare prices or even better deals — all these in the convenience of your home or office.


Wider product selection


Some online merchants offer a vast array of products, a few of which you cannot find in your local stores. Apart from these, through effective website design, navigating through these products becomes a breeze, allowing you to easily find the exact item you are looking for and save precious time.


Competitive prices


With rising prices, the savvy shopper knows how to play the waiting game — that is, finding sellers, online or offline, who can offer the best prices for a particular item. Today's online stores can afford to offer competitive prices for their goods simply because they do not have to contend with overhead costs that conventional stores have to pay for. These savings, in turn, are passed on to consumers.


Online reputation


Some consumers avoid buying products online because of several fears. However, if you are diligent in your search, you'll be able to find quite a number of reputable sellers. In fact, many online merchants guard their online reputation quite closely because an adverse online post can hurt their business. Before completing any transaction with an online store, perform a background check and see what past customers have to say about it.


Convenience and time savings


Two important benefits that lure consumers to shop online are convenience and time savings. Today, you can shop online practically from anywhere you have access to a browsing device and an Internet connection. If you are a builder or a homeowner who needs to find a roof, this means that you can save precious time — the remainder of which you can allocate for more important tasks.

COLORBOND Roofing Questions — What to Ask Your Roofing Supplies Store

Installing a roof, as simple as it sounds, is actually a technical task, which requires skill and expertise. When building a new house or scheduling repair or replacement, you most likely will need to ask some questions to get the job done.


If you are not familiar with every aspect of the installation, it is understandable for you to have a few questions for your roof sheet supplier. Roofing materials have different characteristics and may have specific handling methods and techniques, so it is wise to have a couple of enquiries at the ready when you contact them.


Even though most of the answers to your questions may be available online, it is still best to ask your suppliers about them because they certainly have first-hand knowledge. We employ qualified roof plumbers, who are the experts in their field and are familiar with most available materials.


There are also a limitless number of choices and combinations to choose from and they will certainly help you decide. Most recommend COLORBOND roofing, among the leading roofing materials in the market. They have different designs and colors that may suit your location or the general feel that your house wants to project.


However, COLORBOND still has a number of options from which you can choose from. To help you out with the right COLORBOND roof for you including profiles such as corrugated iron, here are some questions to ask your supplier:

What roofing is best for this weather or climate? Different materials have different strengths. Some are more specific to a certain climate and extreme weather events. Some are flexible, in that they can handle most stresses. Leaks can be bothersome during rainy season; high winds can test the strength of your roof; hail and sleet can also be damaging. Knowing your climate will determine which roof is best.


How long will this roof last? You want the utmost protection for your house and the most cost-efficient option so you won’t worry about future costs. COLORBOND corrugated iron is known for its durability and is therefore built to last. Asking your supplier which is best for you would prove to be wise in the long run.


How often does it need maintenance? Roofs can give you major headaches, especially during the rainy or winter seasons. You don’t want to do some maintenance or sudden repairs in the middle of the rainy season. You want an engineered roofing material that has been tested to withstand every outside hazard imaginable.


Why Home Builders Prefer To Use COLORBOND Sheets

Building (or even just renovating) a home can be a very expensive project. The cost of materials can really set finances back, and then there’s the costly process of securing permits and completing other paperwork, plus the manual labour that people have to set part of their budget aside for. Most folks are fully prepared financially for the expenses of this undertaking — which is good, but it’s crucial that they make sure that the final outcome will prove to be worth all the money. One way of doing that is by being exceptionally particular with the quality of materials to be used for home construction.

For top quality roofing materials, people can never go wrong with COLORBOND sheets – professional home builders prefer them and recommend them. Despite being honed by advanced technology, they are some of the most budget-friendly roofing products in the market these days. In addition to this, performance-wise, they rival and even outwork more expensive roofing sheets.

Home builders also mention that COLORBOND sheets offer versatile function; they are very easy to install for different aspects of the home construction, not just roofing. They even recommend these sheets, especially the corrugated roofing iron sheets, as material for roofs and wall cladding, or even for backyard fences, gates, and partitions for outdoor living spaces.

Design-wise, this brand of roofing products outperforms other brands for being available in a vast selection of attractive colours to specifically meet the aesthetic requirements of home owners. From dark sophisticated hues, to charming pastels, to warm neutral tones, to classic favourites, clients easily find the specific shade or combination of colours to complete the scheme they have in mind for their home’s exterior.

But these colours are not only for aesthetic purposes; the colour treatment for COLORBOND sheets also functions as additional protection for the material and insulation feature (it can help maintain the ideal climate inside the house). As mentioned earlier, advanced technology was used to develop the brand’s roofing products, so even the paint or colour treatment has multiple functionalities.

And finally, when it comes to providing homeowners the best value for their money, these roofing products come with impressive warranties so homeowners get the peace of mind that should something unfortunate befall their roof, they can get a replacement or have it repaired by the experts for free. However, they can trust that there’s a very, very slim possibility of that happening because COLORBOND roofing sheets are weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, termite-resistant, and have superior durability.

With these amazing building products, home builders earn the satisfaction of their clients for they are able to deliver top quality results.

Colorbond Roofing – Your Best Choice For DIY Reroofing

Even the sturdiest of houses go through the usual wear and tear. Before long, improvements will be necessary in order to keep the place secure, safe, comfortable, and attractive. This actually needs to be done at regular intervals to keep your home from going seedy and looking outdated. For this reason, it really serves you well to learn how to do some basic construction work so that you can economise on improvements you may want to do on your home.


One of the areas that require keen monitoring is the roof. When there’s something wrong with your roof, it greatly compromises the safety and comfort of your home. Unfortunately, it takes the brunt of the elemental forces, so it’s understandable that it will deteriorate over time after relentless abuse. There could very well come a time when you’ll have to reroof, and when you do face this particular challenge, it pays to know how to do it yourself.


Reroofing guides are available all over the Internet, so you can read up on this. After you’ve studied the process and come up with a plan for putting in a new roof, you can set the wheel in motion. It’s a lot of meticulous work prior to the actual labour. You have to be precise in your measurements, equipped with all the necessary tools, knowledgeable of various construction skills, conscientious about safety precautions, etc. Before anything else, however, you’ll first need to secure the necessary permits, of course.


When choosing which material to use for your new roof, there’s really not much deliberation necessary. In Australia, Colorbond roofing is the popular choice for a reason. It is known to be one of the most durable roofing materials available. Besides this, it’s super low-maintenance. For DIY folks, it really does make a great choice since it’s so lightweight despite its strength, so even if they’re not used to wielding corrugated iron sheets, they won’t have such a hard time working with those of Colorbond.


Since DIY folks are not operating as construction industry insiders, they normally can’t get access to the wholesale or bargain suppliers. It’s a good thing that Colorbond products can be purchased online at lowest prices, so there’s no need to have an “in” to have access to a great deal.


Reroofing your home through your own effort can be a fulfilling and rewarding undertaking when done correctly. You get to save money and you get to take pride in your own handiwork.


  • Wall Internal 2150
  • Wall End 1700
  • Roof Internal 1200
  • Roof End 900
  • Mass (KG/M2) 4.3
  • Cover (MM) 762
  • BMT 0.42
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