AUSTRALIA'S PREMIER source of online METAL ROOFING materials.

Our roofing supplies are manufactured in Australia, using the highest of quality products, fabricated in AUSTRALIAN BLUESCOPE STEEL, COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME®.

We conveniently deliver your items to a location of your choice, with a fast 2 - 3 day delivery period to most metro areas of Victoria, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

We take pride in our competitive prices, high quality products and attention to customer service.

In the early 1980’s our first roofing company was established and specialised in all metal roof, cladding, guttering installations together with general roof plumbing needs. From a standing start, the business soon generated a great reputation for Quality, Service & Price.

A small sample of products available for purchase :-

♦ Corrugated, Trimdek, Klip-Lok roofing sheets ♦ Quad Guttering and accessories ♦ Metal Fascia and accessories ♦ Foam infill strips in Corrugated, Greca and Trimdek profiles ♦ Queensland Guttering; both Hi Front and Lo Front ♦ Roofing fasteners including rivets and Clearfix® screws ♦ Roof flashings; available in standard or custom folded profiles ♦ Polycarbonate/Translucent roofing ♦ Gutter guard DIY in Colorbond® Colours / Plain Lysaght DIY Carport Kits

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