Roof Flashings Custom Made - as drawn by customer. Prices starting from


Custom flashings - prices starting from $5.95. Variable against girth and folds.
Roof Flashings - Custom made to suit your specific requirements.

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Would you like us to custom make a roof flashing to suit your specific requirements? Available in ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND®

Copper flashings are also available for Melbourne Only.

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The Need for A Proper Roof Flashing 

Flashing is most times overlooked improperly or poorly installed during roof installation. In real sense, it is an important element of your roofing system. It helps to keep your roof airtight and waterproof, sealing the outer envelope, which protects your home interior from weather and any other element. 

What really is flashing?

Flashing is normally placed around parts of the roof’s surface in which a projection, like at a skylight or chimney, intersects with the roof. If it's not properly sealed, these areas always succumb to leaks. These types of intersections expand as well as contract depending on humidity and temperatures levels. Great flashing should let this movement while producing a tight seal that will keep moisture out of the home and roof. Keep reading to learn how importance flashing is for the upkeep and general protection of your home.

What are the materials used for flashing?

Roof Flashing can be made from different materials, which include ZINCALUME®, COLORBOND® or copper. The most long-lasting (and, also, most costly) material for flashing is metal sheet. Copper is also the most popular choice of metal flashing material due to its long-lasting and ability to adapt to weather changes.

Roof flashing gives the extra safeguard to the likely surfaces for water is to leak on. They cover the edges of skylights and chimneys, under the shingles, vent pipes, soil stacks, roof valleys which include the intersection of the dormer walls and roof deck.

You're aware that there are different parts in your roof that must work together with your flashing material. These are your roof sheathing, roofing material, underlayment, ventilation, roof intersections and flashing details. Every single apparatus needs to be properly installed for the system to work and bolster the waterproof barrier of your roof structure.

But because of contraction and expansion because of weather changes, your roofing parts are susceptible to wear and tear and deterioration. Regarding roof flashings, if they are not properly installed, you will see typical defects. Always install it together with other protective sealant layers. This will make sure a leak free roof for many years to come.

Flashing is an important part of your roofing system that helps to keep your home safe from any moisture damage. Contact Metal Roofing Online who supply trusted COLORBOND® Australian BlueScope Steel for the lowest prices, fast delivery and same day service on certain products.

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