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Discover the key to energy efficiency and climate control for your home with our premium roof insulation products, available for swift delivery.

At Metal Roofing Online, we provide diverse roofing insulation solutions tailored to complement your roofing and cladding requirements.

Our user-friendly platform allows easy ordering, with options for custom-cut lengths on metal roof, guttering, flashings, and more.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Place your orders conveniently through our online platform or email at 📧 sales@metalroofingonline.com.au.

If you have any inquiries or require assistance, feel free to contact us at 📞 1300 886 944

FAQ: Insulating Your Metal Roof

What is the best insulation to put under a metal roof?

The National Construction Code (NCC) offers guidelines for insulation under metal roofs, emphasizing the importance of effective thermal resistance. Reflective foil insulation and blanket with foil attached insulation are commonly recommended options. Reflective foil insulation reflects radiant heat away from your home, while permastop insulation provides excellent thermal resistance, keeping your home comfortable year-round.

What is the best insulation for a corrugated roof - Choosing the Right Insulation Material

According to the NCC and Fletcher Insulation, a leading provider of insulation solutions, high-quality insulation materials that suit your area's climatic conditions are recommended. For metal roofs, reflective insulation or insulation blankets with foil attached are commonly used. These materials are effective in preventing heat transfer and are suitable for the narrow spaces typically found under metal roofs.

What is the most efficient insulation for a roof?

Roof insulation efficiency is crucial for energy conservation and comfort. Reflective foil insulation, in accordance with the NCC guidelines, is renowned for its efficiency. Reflecting radiant heat away from your home helps maintain cooler temperatures in the summer. It reduces the need for excessive air conditioning, contributing to energy savings and environmental sustainability.


Insulation benefits including thermal and acoustic performance, energy and fire efficiency, condensation management, and indoor air quality control





Is sarking required under the Colorbond roof?

As per the NCC regulations, sarking, while not always mandatory, can enhance the performance of a Colorbond roof. Acting as a secondary barrier against water ingress and providing additional insulation, sarking improves weatherproofing and thermal efficiency, particularly in regions prone to extreme weather conditions. Incorporating sarking into your Colorbond roof installation can provide long-term comfort and protection.

Order Online for Convenience and Peace of Mind

Ready to take the next step towards a more comfortable and energy-efficient home? Ordering your Colorbond roof insulation online has never been easier! With Metal Roofing Online, you can browse our extensive range of products, compare options, and place your order from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery and the peace of mind of knowing you're investing in quality insulation that will stand the test of time.

Experience the Metal Roofing Online Difference

At Metal Roofing Online, we're more than just a supplier—your trusted partner in creating a healthier, more comfortable home. With our high-quality products and seamless online shopping experience, achieving the perfect under-roof insulation for your Colorbond roof has never been simpler. Join countless satisfied customers who have discovered the difference Metal Roofing Online can make in their homes.

Order Your Insulation Today!

Don't wait any longer to upgrade your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Explore our range of Colorbond roof insulation options and place your order today. With Metal Roofing Online, you're one step closer to enjoying a more comfortable living space and significant energy savings.

Our Trusted Partner: Fletcher Insulation

We partner with Fletcher Insulation for high-quality insulation products and expert advice. Their insulation solutions enhance your home's comfort and energy efficiency. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, Fletcher Insulation is a trusted name in the industry, providing reliable products backed by years of expertise.

Challenge and Solutions: Moisture Control
Moisture can accumulate under metal roofs if not properly ventilated, leading to mould and structural damage. Solution: Ensure proper ventilation and use a vapour barrier to prevent moisture penetration.


Proper metal roof insulation enhances your home's energy efficiency and comfort. Home improvers can effectively insulate their metal roofs by choosing the right materials, following a meticulous installation process, and addressing potential challenges. Remember, each home and roof is unique, so tailor your approach to suit your needs and local building codes. With the right preparation and knowledge, your metal roofing project can be a resounding success, contributing to a greener, more sustainable home.