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insulation blanket

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ROOF INSULATION Building blanket facing reflective foil laminate - our most popular insulation product.

How long is this insulation blanket?

The insulation blanket is supplied in a 15-metre roll, covering 18 square metres per roll. The thickness of the blanket is 55mm with reflective foil laminate. The width of the is blanket is 1200mm


What is the R-Value?
R-value - 1.3This 55mm insulation blanket provides excellent thermal insulation properties, keeping homes and buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter. When installing- the foil should face down into the roof space, and the blanket should face up against the underside of the roofing sheets.


The insulation blanket should be run at no less than 20 mm into your guttering to stop capillary action sucking water up into the blanket and making it soaking wet. This blanket does not catch on fire or conduct electricity.

A cost-effective insulation barrier that is installed under all roofs. Reduce your building's heating & cooling costs. It also provides control of condensation and reduces outside noise. When installing- the foil should face down into the roof space, and the blanket should face up against the underside of the roofing sheets. Insulation is essential to reduce fuel bills, control condensation, retard heat flow and reduce unwanted noise created by rain and expansion and contraction of the roof. Rain noise is particularly noticeable in metal roofing. It is strongly recommended that blanket insulation be pressed up tightly against the underside of the sheeting to minimise noise caused by rain and hail. This serves dual requirements of thermal insulation and sound reduction.

Roof Insulation

Metal roofing can raise the temperature inside your house. Because your metal roof absorbs heat from the Sun, it releases the heat in your home.

But, if you use a proper roof insulation blanket, you can reduce the percentage of heat in your house. Our 55 mm insulation blanket can be an ideal way to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

The Best Features of Our Roof Insulation Blanket

1) Low-Cost Solution

If you are looking for a low-cost solution for insulation, then this blanket can truly satisfy you. It can lower your roof insulation cost, and you can enjoy your home's pleasant atmosphere.

2) Helps To Balance Temperature

Our insulation blanket is 55 mm thick and 1200 mm wide (15-metre roll). So, it can retain and balance your room's temperature. You will enjoy cooler rooms in summer and warmer rooms in winter.


3) Reduces Energy Bill

With a 1.3 R-value, our insulation blanket can balance the temperature inside your house. Therefore, your HVAC unit never overruns, and you save your energy bills.


Why Should You Trust 'Metal Roofing Online'?

1) Supreme Quality Roof Insulation Blanket

Metal Roofing online manufactures and supplies high-quality insulation blankets. Our blankets are made of durable materials. So they won't decay quickly.

2) Lowest Prices

We never overprice our products. Hence, you can buy these insulation blankets at the lowest prices from us.

3) Easy, Safe, and Secure Online Ordering Process

Our online ordering process is super easy. Moreover, our site is protected. So, you can order, buy, and transact on our site safely.

Metal Roofing Online has tons of satisfied customers. We manufacture, sell, and supply A-grade roofing products. So, trust us and order this insulation blanket. It will surely save your roof insulation cost.