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insulation blanket

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Our most popular Insulation Product - ROOF INSULATION Building blanket faced with reflective foil laminate.

What is the length of this roof insulation blanket?

15 metre roll - covers 18 square metres per roll.  Thickness - 55mm with reflective foil laminate.


What is the R Value?
R value - 1.3

This 55mm insulation blanket provides excellent thermal insulation properties, keeping homes and buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

When installing- the foil should face down into the roof space, and the blanket should face up against the under side of the roofing sheets.


Purchase Roofing Insulation Blanket and Foil 55mm 

15 metre roll - covers 18 square metres per roll
Thickness - 55mm with reflective foil laminate.

Width: Foil 1350

Width: Blanket 1200
R Value - 1.3
♦ A cost effective insulation barrier which is installed under all roofs.  Reduce your buildings heating & cooling costs. It also provides control of condensation and reduces outside noise.

♦ When installing- the foil should face down into the roof space, and the blanket should face up against the under side of the roofing sheets.

♦ Insulation is essential to reduce fuel bills, control condensation, retard heat flow and reduce unwanted noise created by rain and expansion and contraction of the roof.

♦ Rain noise is particularly noticeable in metal roofing and it is strongly recommended that blanket insulation be pressed up tightly against the underside of the sheeting to minimise noise caused by rain and hail. This serves dual requirements of thermal insulation and sound reduction.

♦ Insulation blanket should be run at no less than 20mm into your guttering to stop capillary action sucking water up into the blanket making it soaking wet.

♦ Does not catch on fire or conduct electricity

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♦ Condensation : How it occurs!
The underside of a roof often provides conditions under which condensation of water vapour will occur. In cooler weather, roofs can become several degrees cooler than the outside air temparature. As a result, the air in the roof space may be cooled by contact with the roof. This depression of temparature is often sufficent to cause condensation as air is cooled, it's ability to hold water vapour dimishes. The amount of condensation will depend on the amount of water vapour in the air and this varies with climatic conditions.  Flat roofs are more prone to condensation than steep or pitched roofs.
Please note-
15 metre roll - covers 18 square metres per roll
Thickness - 55mm with reflective foil laminate.

R Value - 1.5



Insulation Blanket - the best way to insulate your property.

If you want to insulate your property then you will need to purchase insulation blanket online from https://www.metalroofingonline.com.au as it is the best place to get a product that will offer the best insulation so that your property can remain cold in summer and warm and winter. It is considered as an excellent radiant barrier that helps in reflecting the heat from the sun as it also helps in reducing your energy bills during the summer and winter months. Purchasing insulation blanket online will help you enjoy a lot of benefits as you can get the lowest prices for the product that is energy efficient and helps in protecting your property from every kind of adverse weather conditions. insulation blanket is the high quality reflective foil insulation that helps in offering a comfortable temperature during extreme summer and winter months. Therefore you should buy insulation blanket online while you can enjoy the benefits of easy and secure online ordering so that the product will be delivered at your doorsteps. It helps in radiating the heat and it is installed under the metal roofs for acting as a barrier so that condensation can be prevented. Installation of insulation means that you have an excellent reflector under the roof so that even when the radiant heat strikes at the surface. With fast delivery online you can be rest assured that you are getting the best insulation product that will offer immense benefits to your property. You can install insulation blanket easily in your roofing system with the use of double side tape or foil fasteners so that you can regulate the indoors temperature of your property in an excellent manner. You can get lowest prices and fast delivery when you order the product online as it is the best way of buying this insulation product from the comfort of your home.


Roof Insulation blanket - benefits for your property.

55mm insulation blanket is among the highest quality radiant barrier that helps in keeping the property cooler in the summer months. It helps in reflecting the solar heat that comes from the sun so that it does not make your home warmer but it will offer energy efficient benefits. For this you should have a look at https://wwhttps://www.metalroofingonline.com.au/products/insulation/ because it is  best way to keeping your property cooler. Hence it is considered as the most cost effective product that comes with lowest prices on corrugated iron so that it will allow you to save money on its purchase. 55mm insulation used with trusted Australian -Bluescope - steel roofing, you can purchase this product with easy as well as secure online ordering so that you will enjoy energy saving benefits. It is a maintenance free and high quality insulation blanket with reflective foil attached that offers cost effective insulation for your residential and commercial buildings that will last for decades to come.