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Trimdek Mass Table COLORBOND® TRIMDEK® Roofing Sheets .42 - Victoria Trimdek Diagram Trimdek Span Table Trimdek Weight

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For use on roof pitch of 2° or greater.

This roofing profile is a long spanning cladding permitting wide support spacing & is a versatile, strong yet lightweight profile.

What is the steel thickness?
.48 BMT is the thickness of these BlueScope Steel sheets - thicker than the standard .42 BMT Trimdek. 

We recommend using the 12 x 65 timber fix fasteners for these sheets. 

What is the sheet cover?
Cover width is 762mm. Actual sheet width is 820mm.

How long does delivery take? 

Delivery takes approximately working 3 - 4 days. 

How much should I allow into the gutter?

It is usual to allow roof sheets to overlap into gutters by about 50mm. If the roof pitch is less than 25° or extreme weather is expected, the pans of sheets should be turned-down at lower ends, and turned-up at upper ends by about 80°. Turn your Trimdek Sheets up or down using this Trimdek Tool



We use only the best 100% Australian steel for 100% peace of mind; made from BlueScope’s industry-leading brands such as COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. And, of course, all our products are extensively performance tested, backed with the strength of the BlueScope warranty and can be relied on with total and absolute confidence


Please note - this product is a .48 BMT thickness sheet. 

Also known as: Trimclad, Superdek and Monoclad Trimdek metal roofing sheets are used on roofs with a minimum of 2 degree of fall or greater.  It is screw down metal deck roofing iron, which makes it very easy to install. These roofing sheets are a cost effective alternative to Klip-Lok roofing sheets. It sits well in both domestic and commercial applications.

Cover width of sheet - 762mm (same cover as corrugated iron) The neatest way to cut the roofing sheets is with tin snips.


Your home is likely to be your biggest financial investment and your largest asset. Having a BlueScope warranty covering the important steel building products in and around your home is an investment in peace of mind.

COLORBOND® steel is developed for, and therefore more resilient to, the severe sunlight and temperatures typical of Australian environments. BlueScope scientists have tested COLORBOND® steel in some of Australia’s harshest climates. 

Rest assured that COLORBOND® steel is guaranteed to meet relevant Australian standards. Make sure you look for the brand as not all painted steel is genuine COLORBOND® steel.



Recommended Fastening Method

When fixing into timber battens, we recommend a 12 gauge x 65mm Type 17 Hex Head screw. If fixing into steel purlins, please use a 12 gauge x 55mm Steel Fix Hex Head screw. When using the sheets as wall cladding, a 12 gauge x 25mm Type 17 Hex Head should be used for timber battens and for steel purlins, a 10 gauge x 16mm Steel Fix Hex Head screw is best.



Trimdek, in particular, pertains to square-fluted steel cladding that is available in long lengths. This means that one sheet can be used from ridge to gutter without having any end laps. Trimdek is remarkably strong (it can easily recover from deformation), it has excellent spanning capacity, it is lightweight, and it is properly rigid. And of course, it is available in a wide variety of colours that Colorbond roofing steel is well known for — earthy colours that reflect Australia's distinct landscapes.

Keep in mind that your house needs as much care and attention as its other features do. By choosing the best materials, like Trimdek roofing, your home can truly show your neighbourhood what a stunning mix of beauty and function truly looks like.








Why You Need To Buy Roofing Materials from Colorbond Roofing




If you would like to buy quality roofing materials, then you need to order from Colorbond Roofing from Metal Roofing Online. The company has good reputation in delivering quality roofing materials. You will be assured the best project completion upon ordering from the company. Some of the benefits you enjoy upon ordering from the company include the following: Lowest prices. The prices of the materials on the company are among the lowest. You will save a lot of money in the process if you decide to order from the company. If you can compare the prices with other companies, you will realise they have the best prices. There are no hidden charges whatsoever which make them among the best places where you can buy the roofing materials. Fast delivery. You will not have to wait for too long before you can access the roofing materials. The company has good reputation in delivering the roofing materials as soon as you order. Your project will not stop due to delay in delivering the roofing materials. In order to ensure your roofing project runs smoothly, you need to order from the company because quick delivery is guaranteed. Trusted Australian BlueScope Steel. The steel used to make the roofing material is among the best. You will be assured value for your money due to the highly durable materials used to make the roofing materials. The stricture where you will apply the materials will last long which will avoid you inconveniences in the process. Easy and secure online ordering. The ordering process is very easy. You will have to visit the online platform where you can add different items into cart and pay for them. The system is very secure which will assure you value for your money as you order the different products. Even if it is your first time, you will find the ordering process very convenient.



Installing Trimdek for Walling Using the Pierce-Fixing Method


If you are planning to install Trimdek as a wall cladding, it is highly recommended that you use the pierce-fixing method over the concealed-fixing method.  With this method, you can affix the screws either through the crests or the pans or valleys. For wall cladding purposes, it is highly recommended that you affix the screws through the valleys for three key reasons. First, the screws are less obvious and the aesthetic lines won't be broken. Second, because the fastener goes through the cladding through the valley, the chances of the cladding getting deformed is practically eliminated. Finally, affixing the screws through the valley ensures a tight water seal. If you are going to affix the screw through the valleys, you will need a side lap fastener for all the laps and support. If you wish to minimise the time, money and effort required for this task, you may use a crest fastener. Prior to the installation of the wall cladding, make sure that the support structure is in the same plane. Before laying the sheets, check the supports and make the necessary adjustments. Remember, it will be doubly difficult to make adjustments once the sheets have been installed. Begin installing the sheets in the area which you expect the prevailing weather to come from. Before lifting the sheets, it is best if you turn these first on the ground. It is much safer that way. Before affixing each sheet, position it against the building and check whether it is aligned with the end wall as well as the parapet or transverse wall. After finishing the installation of the first sheet, make sure that the next sheet is aligned properly against the previously installed sheet and from the end of the sheet to either the fascia or purlin. You can either install each sheet quickly before moving to the next or you can simply fix one sheet after another and then use the intermediate fasteners when all the sheets have been laid into place. From time to time, double check each sheet to see whether each one is aligned with the first sheet that you installed. Once you are halfway done with the installation, check the sheets and their measurements from the end line so that the final sheet is parallel with the end of the roof. If you think you are off by a little, you can adjust by aligning and fixing the lap and then fixing the outer edge of the sheet by affixing the fastener either closer or further than your original plan. You can purchase and the other materials you will need for roofing and wall cladding here at Metal Roofing Online, your trusted Bluescope Steel supplier.


COLORBOND® Roofing Services 

There are many things you need to put into consideration before you decide on how to outfit your home with a new roof. You want to make sure that the roof you purchase is made exactly according to your specifications and it is possible that you will have your idea on how that should be. A good roof design is one that is built with very strong and durable materials, sold at a relatively decent price, and built to withstand environmental damage for a very long time. Hiring COLORBOND® Roofing is important if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Here are tips that will help to hire the best from our metal roofing company: Purchase your COLORBOND® roofing from Metal Roofing Online. You can browse online to home tips web pages, as we provide free service of finding our local metal roof installers, repair, or help. Trusted Australian BlueScope Steel, covered by warranty. An excellent roofing company provides a warranty service. This would cut the price that may be used shortly for the renovation of your roof in case of damage. Our company offers free repair services while others offer to change everything. Easy, secure online ordering: The first consideration you will need to look for a company that is easily accessible by phone or even online. COLORBOND® Roofing offers an online ordering service wherein you can conduct a customer for more information, therefore, saving you more time and effort from going to their office. Fast delivery:Our company offers a 3-4 day delivery to all our customers. Small orders are covered by use of small fuel charges, and interesting manufacturers will directly deliver large orders themselves. Lowest prices: Our company offers roofing services at the lowest prices. Our services are excellent from local roofing businesses to big hitters, and our company has been there for several years providing quality service delivery.


Trimdek- The best roofing material for your home and family.


Every homeowner is in search of the best roofing material that will function for protecting the people and contents that are inside the property. Therefore, you will need to consider selecting Trimdek as it is known for its strength, durability and resilience. You can get lowest prices on COLOR BOND roofing when you visit https://www.metalroofingonline.com.au/products/roofing-iron/ as it is the best place to get the roof of your choice. Additionally, you need to opt foeasy and secure online ordering so that the roofing material will be delivered at your doorsteps. If you want to purchase Trimdek, then you will need to look for a reliable and reputable roofing supplier who will sell the best quality material at lowest prices and with fast delivery. With the sale of Trusted Australian-Bluescope steel roofing, you can be rest assured that your home will get the best roof and you can keep the safety of your loved ones intact.