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COLORBOND® Trimdek 48bmt Cladding and Roofing 


Key Features:

Primary Use: Ideal for roofing and walling in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

For use on a roof pitch of 2° or greater

Style and Durability: Features trapezoidal ribs for a smooth, durable finish.

Spanning Capabilities: Great spanning capacity allows for wide support spacing.

Lightweight: Easy to handle and install.

Colour Options: Available in multiple COLORBOND® steel colours to match your design.

Steel Thickness: .48 BMT, thicker than standard .42 BMT Trimdek.

Coverage: The sheet cover width is 762mm, with an actual sheet width of 820mm.

Delivery Time: Fast delivery, typically 4 – 7 working days depending on location.


Additional Information

Learn More about COLORBOND® Trimdek 48bmt Roofing

Durability and Strength

COLORBOND® Trimdek 48bmt roofing offers great spanning capabilities and durability. With trapezoidal ribs, this roofing solution provides a smooth and sleek finish, making it suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


Perfect for a wide range of applications, from roofing to walling. The long-spanning cladding allows for wide support spacing, making it an efficient and versatile choice for your projects.

Thermal Efficiency

Available in multiple COLORBOND® steel colours, Trimdek® enhances the aesthetic appeal while providing thermal efficiency, helping to keep your building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Easy Installation

Lightweight and easy to install, COLORBOND® Trimdek 48bmt is designed for quick and efficient installation. It is recommended to overlap roof sheets into gutters by about 50mm and turn down lower ends and turn up upper ends by about 80° for low pitches or extreme weather conditions. Use 12 x 65 timber fixings for the best results.

Australian Made

Made from 100% Australian BlueScope Steel, ensuring the highest production standards and durability. All our products are backed by the BlueScope warranty, providing total peace of mind.

Common Questions:

What is the delivery time?

Fast delivery, typically 4 – 7 working days depending on location. Orders to Tasmania may require additional lead time. Contact us for special arrangements.


What is the sheet cover width?

The sheet cover width is 762mm, with an actual sheet width of 820mm.


What is the recommended roof pitch?

The recommended roof pitch is 2° or greater.


How should I overlap the sheets into the gutters?

Overlap roof sheets into gutters by about 50mm.


What fasteners should I use for installation?

We recommend using 12 x 65 timber fixings for the best results.


Sheet Tolerance

Length: +0mm, -15mm

Width: +4mm, -4mm


Quality Assurance

We use 100% Australian steel from BlueScope’s top brands, including COLORBOND® steel. All our products are extensively performance tested and backed by the BlueScope warranty.

Top of the Line Roofing and Wall Cladding: COLORBOND® Trimdek 48bmt

When it comes to roofing and wall cladding, the choice of material makes all the difference. One material that has the best spanning capacity and versatility is the COLORBOND® Trimdek 48bmt. In this we will look at why Trimdek 48bmt is the best for domestic and industrial use and how you can customise it to suit your needs.

Trimdek 48bmt: The Details

The Trimdek 48bmt profile has trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting for a sleek modern look that suits many applications. With a base metal thickness of .48 BMT it has more strength than the standard .42 BMT. This roofing sheet is for roofs with a pitch of 2° or greater and is suitable for roofing and cladding.

Best Spanning Capacity

One of the best features of Trimdek 48bmt is its spanning capacity. This means fewer supports are required making it a more economical and efficient choice for your roofing and cladding jobs. Whether you’re doing a commercial or domestic job Trimdek 48bmt’s spanning capacity means durability and cost savings.

Custom Length for Your Job

Every job is different and Trimdek 48bmt can be ordered in custom lengths to suit your needs. This means less waste and a perfect fit whether you’re roofing a large industrial building or a small residential wall.

COLORBOND® Steel: The Trusted Choice

Trimdek 48bmt is made from COLORBOND® steel, renowned for its durability and colour retention. With 22 colours to choose from you can pick the perfect one for your job. Popular colours are Woodland Grey, Classic Cream, Shale Grey, Deep Ocean, Cottage Green, Night Sky, Manor Red, Terrain, Gully and Monument.

Wall Cladding with Trimdek 48bmt

Using Trimdek 48bmt for cladding gives your building a sleek modern look. The profile’s subtle fluting and trapezoidal ribs gives a great finish that’s functional and looks good. It’s lightweight so installation is easy and quick saving time and labour costs.

Best Roofing Material

For roofing Trimdek 48bmt is the best choice with its best spanning capacity, custom length options and COLORBOND® steel’s trusted quality. It’s versatile for all types of roofs from domestic homes to large industrial buildings.

Colour Choice

COLORBOND® steel has 22 colours to choose from so you can pick the best one to match your design. Whether you like the earthy tones of Woodland Grey and Terrain or the bold statement of Manor Red and Deep Ocean there’s a COLORBOND® steel colour for your job.

More Strength and Thickness

With a base metal thickness of .48 BMT Trimdek 48bmt has more strength than the thinner options. This extra thickness gives better deformation resistance and longer life for your roof or walling.

For Various Uses

Trimdek 48bmt is versatile and suitable for roofing and cladding, commercial and industrial jobs. Its best spanning capacity and lightweight make it a practical choice for many types of buildings.

Installation Notes

When installing Trimdek 48bmt allow for thermal expansion and contraction. For roofs with a pitch less than 25° turn down the pans at the lower ends and turn up at the upper ends to prevent water ingress. Overlap the sheets into gutters by about 50mm for best performance.

Trusted and Reliable

Metal Roofing Online uses 100% Australian steel only so you can have peace of mind and reliability for your job. Backed by BlueScope Steel our products come with a performance guarantee so you can trust us for all your roofing and cladding needs.

Contact Us

Ready to make a Trimdek 48bmt? Contact Metal Roofing Online today to order. Our prices are competitive, delivery is fast and our customer service is top notch so you get the best value for your money. Let us help you get the perfect roofing and cladding solution for your job.


.42 BMT vs .48 BMT Trimdek Sheets: Why .48 BMT is the Winner

When choosing roofing and wall cladding materials, the thickness of the sheets is key. Here’s why customers prefer .48 BMT Trimdek sheets over .42 BMT:

1. More Strength and Durability

.48 BMT are thicker, more structurally sound and less prone to deformation under load. Perfect for areas that get rough weather or heavy use.

More thickness means more spanning capability, so .48 BMT sheets can cover more distance between supports without sagging. Fewer supports means less construction cost and complexity.

3. More Load-Bearing Capacity

Higher base metal thickness means .48 BMT can take more weight, suitable for roofing and walling in industrial and commercial buildings.

4. Longer Life

More durability means longer life, better value for money in the long run. Less wear and tear means less maintenance.

5. Better Environmental Resistance

Thicker sheets means better resistance to wind uplift, impact from debris and thermal expansion. So .48 BMT is the better choice for your structure’s safety and stability.

6. Extreme Conditions Performance

For projects in extreme weather areas, the toughness of .48 BMT sheets gives you more peace of mind. They can withstand high winds, heavy rain and other severe weather better than .42 BMT sheets.

7. Building Codes

In some cases building codes and regulations may require thicker sheets for certain applications. Using .48 BMT sheets ensures you comply with these standards and avoid legal and safety issues.



Both .42 BMT and .48 BMT Trimdek sheets are good options but .48 BMT has more strength, durability and performance. For customers looking for long term reliability and more structural integrity .48 BMT Trimdek sheets are the way to go. Contact Metal Roofing Online today to learn more about our .48 BMT Trimdek sheets and how they can benefit your project.

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