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Rainwater Goods

Looking for top-quality gutter solutions? Look no further!

Get your hands on premium BlueScope COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® gutter, fascia, and downpipes hassle-free, right here, right now.


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Harnessing the Power of Online Guttering Shopping: A Review of Colorbond Gutters

Guttering choices can be overwhelming – will your selection withstand the elements and blend with your home’s aesthetics? This article delves into Colorbond gutters, focusing on their functionality, installation, and whether they meet Australia’s weather challenges. Learn what you need to know before making a decision.

Ordering from Metal Roofing Online

When rain clouds loom, Metal Roofing Online provides a comforting reassurance - they’ve got you covered in the most literal sense. Touted as a trusted supplier in the roofing realm, the online store boasts an extensive selection of gutters, including the acclaimed Colorbond range. Yet, is there a possibility for the online shopping experience to fully substitute the tangible assurance of in-store acquisitions? With claims of competitive pricing and easy ordering processes, it’s tempting to leap.

COLORBOND Gutter and fascia in BASALT

More than a mere water diversion device, the Colorbond gutter system is akin to a fortress, ingeniously designed with a five-layer system incorporating Activate® technology, safeguarding against the wear and tear of time and weather. A single architectural creed does not bind this quality guttering; it’s a chameleon, adapting to the diverse Australian climate and the manifold designs of our homes. With a spectrum of 22 colours, including 6 in a premium Matt finish, these guttering profiles promise not just to perform but to dazzle.

Whether your home is a coastal retreat or an urban sanctuary, Colorbond gutters are pitched as the perfect complement to your rainwater system, downpipes included. The claims are bold; the palette is broad. 

Installation Insights for Colorbond Gutters

Navigating the installation of Colorbond gutters involves several components that must be assembled precisely. These components include:

Each component is crucial in creating a robust and reliable guttering system. The installation process requires a meticulous approach, with sealants and rivets to strengthen the gutters. A strategic string line is used to guide the fall of the gutters, ensuring the efficient flow of water.

Given the potential intricacies involved in alignment and securing, questions may arise regarding the simplicity of this task. Is the installation a seamless process, or does it require the steady hand of a skilled artisan?

1. Enhanced Convenience

The digital age has transformed gutter shopping from a tedious chore into a pursuit of convenience. An extensive range of options, from materials to profiles, unfolds with the click of a button, delivering an effortless path to the ideal choice for your home. Yet, does this broad selection merely serve as a front, or does it truly deliver its promise of effortless and informed decision-making? We’ll examine the reality of this online treasure trove, delivering products to your doorstep and colour and aesthetics that elevate the ordinary.

While balancing functionality with aesthetics, we must remember that a gutter's real benchmark is its attractiveness and resilience in the face of torrential rain.

Material Matters

At the heart of every Colorbond gutter is a core of resilience forged by a five-layer protection system and the pioneering Thermatech® technology. This isn’t just steel; it’s a bulwark against the elements, reflecting the sun’s heat and countering the threats of coastal and industrial environments with various grades of strength.

The material question might seem one of mere detail, yet it’s the foundation upon which the longevity and performance of your home’s water management system rest. With abundant options and fluctuating prices in the expansive building materials market, can Colorbond steel truly be considered the epitome of security and tranquillity?

Size and Fit

The adage ‘one size fits all’ holds no water for guttering. Colorbond’s full range of profiles, from sleek Quad to classic half-round, is a testament to precision's importance in form and function. But beyond the pleasing aesthetics lies the practical necessity of ensuring proper water drainage tailored to your specific roof size and location.

This diversity in design is not only about suiting the architectural style of your home but also about safeguarding it against the unpredictable fury of nature. Is your selected profile capable of flawlessly merging with your home’s design and enduring the passage of time?

Colorbond Creativity

COLORBOND Gutter and Fascia in SURFMIST

Colorbond gutters offer a canvas upon which homeowners can paint their visions, with a palette spanning more than 20 colours inspired by the natural beauty of Australia. From the earthy tones of Monument and Jasper to the airy lightness of Surfmist, the range encourages a play of light and shadow, enabling a home to blend or stand out in its environment. Colorbond’s creative potential extends beyond mere curb appeal; it’s a means of expressing individuality and connecting with the landscape.

Real-World Rigors: Testing Colorbond Gutters

With the theoretical aspects of Colorbond gutters laid bare, the true measure of merit lies in their real-world rigours—their ability to stand steadfast when the storm hits. Beyond the controlled environment of a laboratory, gutters must prove their mettle against the unyielding forces of nature.

Adding downpipes is said to reinforce the gutters’ capacity to handle heavy rainfall, but the proof is in the pudding—or, in this case, the downpour. What is the performance of these guttering profiles when confronted with the complete severity of Australia’s varied and sometimes harsh weather conditions?

Durability in the Elements

Colorbond gutters emerge from a gauntlet of tests that simulate over half a century of exposure to Australia’s extreme conditions, from searing heat to biting cold. Their endurance is scrutinized in both outdoor and laboratory settings, ensuring they are battle-ready for coastal winds and corrosive sea air.

The Activate® technology within these gutters is a modern alchemy, combining aluminium, zinc, and magnesium in a coating that promises to protect and persevere. But can this pioneering mixture genuinely protect your home from the damage of time and weather?

Maintenance and Longevity

A gutter’s lifespan is not solely determined by its initial build quality but also by the commitment to its upkeep. Regular maintenance, a necessary chore, can extend the life of Colorbond gutters well beyond their expected half-century mark. With the right preventive measures, such as the installation of quality leaf guards, the burden of maintenance can be significantly alleviated.

In the grand scheme of building and renovating, gutters might seem a mere footnote. Yet, their role in preserving the structural integrity of residential homes cannot be overstated. When weighing effort against reward, can Colorbond gutters present a long-lasting solution for maintaining homes in a clean, dry, and preserved state for years to come?

The Bottom Line on Colorbond Gutters

As we wade through the deluge of information, the bottom line on Colorbond gutters becomes clear. These quality guttering systems are:

Yet, how does this investment fare in comparison to other options? With the aim of providing a comprehensive verdict, we’ll consider the value for money that Colorbond gutters represent, factoring in their long-term benefits and cost savings.


As the clouds part and our exploration concludes, the merits of Colorbond gutters stand illuminated against the backdrop of online convenience and technological sophistication. From the vast selection at Metal Roofing Online to the diverse guttering profiles designed to handle rainwater with aplomb, Colorbond gutters have demonstrated their worth. In the face of harsh Australian weather, their durability and ease of maintenance have shone through, offering homeowners a functional necessity and a form of creative expression. With their potential for longevity and the peace of mind they bring, it’s clear that Colorbond gutters are more than a mere accessory; they are a pivotal component of a well-protected home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a gutter?

It is called a gutter because the word derives from the Latin "gutta," meaning "droplet," reflecting its purpose of channelling water away. The earliest gutters were lined wooden or stone troughs, often using lead as a liner, which is still used in pitched valley gutters.

How do Colorbond gutters compare to traditional gutters regarding durability and maintenance?

Colorbond gutters are designed to withstand over 50 years of harsh conditions, making them a durable and low-maintenance option compared to traditional gutters.

Can Colorbond gutters handle heavy rainfalls, and are they suitable for all Australian climates?

Yes, Colorbond gutters can handle heavy rainfalls and are suitable for all Australian climates, as they have been rigorously tested to perform well in various weather conditions.