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COLORBOND® Fascia cover gives a great looking cover up to old timber fascia.

Constructed from COLORBOND® steel, it will not contort, shrink or decay, making it essentially maintenance-free. The Metal Fascia cover system cover's your old weathered-looking timber fascia.

Fascia covers are designed to cover your existing fascia boards, so visual problems are totally concealed. Note: You may wish to trim the fascia cover to the height of your existing fascia boards on-site for best results.


What is the steel thickness of the fascia cover?

The base metal thickness is 0.42mm. 


For the installation of a fascia cover onto an existing timber fascia, we recommend considering the following approach:

  1. Attachment Method: Utilize flat head screws to secure the fascia cover along the top edge. These screws should be spaced at approximately 1-meter intervals. The placement of these screws is strategic, as they are intended to firmly anchor the fascia cover in place.

  2. Concealment: Please be aware that the screws used for attachment will generally remain unseen. This is because a gutter is typically positioned in front of the fascia cover, or barge capping is placed over the top. This concealment ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance, leaving no visible signs of the fastening.

  3. Alignment and Covering: Ensure that the fascia cover is slid into position to effectively conceal the existing standard timber fascia. The cover should be aligned accurately to provide the necessary coverage for installing the screws.

It's important to remember that these suggestions are intended to serve as guidance based on our experience. Each installation scenario may have unique considerations, and we recommend assessing the specific requirements of your project to ensure the best approach is taken.





We use only the best 100% Australian steel for 100% peace of mind; made from BlueScope’s industry-leading brands such as COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. And, of course, all our products are extensively performance tested, backed with the strength of the BlueScope warranty and can be relied on with total and absolute confidence. 



Constructed from COLORBOND® steel it will not contort, shrink or decay making it essentially maintenance free.

The Metal Fascia cover system cover's your old weathered looking timber fascia.

*Maximum suggested length of this product is 6m

Fascia Cover Installation Procedure - 

Fixing this new COLORBOND® Fascia cover system into place is far easier with two people. The main reason being that it is quite flimzey and could bend easily if lifted incorrectly. Now simply push the fascia cover over your old timber fascia and screw into place using a 7 x 25 bugle screw, somewhere around the top where it will be hidden by the gutter.

Unlike the standard metal fascia. The clips reuired to attach the gutter to this product are the same clips you would need to connect your gutter to a timber fascia. INTERNAL or EXTERNAL gutter clips. 

• Custom cut to prevent waste, which gives extra savings 

• Designed to integrate perfectly with gutters


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