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Rainwater Goods - Guttering


Looking for top-quality guttering solutions? Look no further!

Get your hands on premium BlueScope COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® gutter, fascia, and downpipes hassle-free, right here, right now. Click to select your STATE in the header, and you're on your way to seamless shopping.

Custom lengths? No problem! We'll cut them to fit your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

All our prices include GST, and the price is per LINEAL metre or EACH, making budgeting a breeze.

Contact us on: 📞 1300 886 944 or  📧 sales@metalroofingonline.com.au

Discover the Perfect Guttering for Your Home: Enhance with Colorbond

When rain patters against your roof and windows, it's not just a soothing sound—it's a call to ensure your home is well-protected. Guttering isn't just a functional aspect of home maintenance; it's a critical investment in the longevity and security of your property. Choosing the right guttering, especially for homes outfitted with robust materials like Colorbond roofing, can be a game-changer.

Understanding Guttering Profiles: The Role of Guttering

Gutters play a pivotal role in directing rainwater away from your home, protecting your foundation, landscaping, and the structural integrity of your walls. Without effective guttering, water can pool around your home, leading to costly damage over time.

Compatibility with Colorbond Roofing

For homeowners with Colorbond roofing, selecting the right gutter profile is essential. Colorbond's extensive range of guttering profiles is designed to complement and protect their roofing materials, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether your architectural style is modern or traditional, a suitable Colorbond gutter profile suits your needs.

Quality Guttering that Match Every Need with Extensive Range

From the robust and spacious profiles suitable for large volumes of water to more streamlined designs ideal for tighter spaces, Colorbond offers gutters like Quad, Half Round, and Ogee. Each profile is meticulously designed and manufactured to handle the Australian climate, from the blazing sun's heat to torrential downpours.

Key Features of Colorbond Guttering: Durability

Manufactured with a five-layer system combining steel's strength with an anti-corrosive and weather-resistant finish, Colorbond gutters are built to last. Their resistance to chipping, peeling, and cracking under the Australian sun is a testament to their superior quality.

Variety and Aesthetics

With a full range of colours to match or contrast your Colorbond roof, these gutters perform well and elevate your home's curb appeal. The colour choice is yours, from vibrant hues and colours that make a statement to subtle tones that blend with your environment.

Environmental Considerations

Colorbond gutters are also a friend to the environment. Made from recyclable materials and steel, they help reduce the ecological footprint of your building project.

Installation and Maintenance: Easy Installation

Colorbond guttering is designed for easy installation. With components and accessories that fit seamlessly together, the gutter installation process is straightforward, saving time and reducing labour costs.

Australian Standards Approved Guttering and Roofing

Our LYSAGHT® guttering and roofing meets all Australian Standards (AS) and adheres to the National Construction Code (NCC), ensuring you receive top-quality building materials. Each product undergoes rigorous testing at a NATA-accredited facility, guaranteeing durability and lasting beauty. Plus, our COLORBOND® steel is sustainable and thermally efficient and built to withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, Colorbond gutters require minimal maintenance. Their design, size and material quality prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris, making them easy to clean and maintain.


Choosing the right gutter system is not just about managing rainwater. It's about securing your home’s future and enhancing its appearance. Colorbond guttering offers an ideal choice with its perfect blend of strength, style, and environmental consciousness. With a variety designed to suit any Australian home and a reputation for easy maintenance and long life, Colorbond gutters are an excellent investment for any homeowner.

Ready to Upgrade Your Home?

Explore our range of Colorbond guttering and find the perfect colour match for your roofing at Metal Roofing Online. Whether renovating or building new, our top-quality guttering, insulation and roofing solutions are designed to deliver peace of mind and a perfect finish. Don't wait for the next downpour—ensure your home is protected with the best. Buy your gutters online today and experience the ease of shopping with top-notch service and competitive prices. Your perfect home project starts here!

Enhance your roof with premium gutters from Metal Roofing Online. The Final Detail. Select from an extensive palette of colours and diverse guttering profiles that perfectly accentuate any architectural design, from sleek modern homes to classic heritage structures. Lysaght Gutters are engineered to mitigate the threat of significant water damage to your building, positioning Lysaght Guttering as a prudent investment. Certain models feature front slots to diminish the likelihood of water overflowing at the back, adding an extra layer of protection.