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Quad Gutter Diagram VIC Colorbond Metal Roofing Online Quad Gutter COLORBOND or ZINCALUME Quad Guttering Colorbond Slotted gutter example colorbond roofing

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COLORBOND® steel Quad gutter 115mm is the most popular gutter profile on the market today. 

Is this COLORBOND® Quad gutter available to be installed on tiled or metal roofs?

This gutter profile is compatible with both steel and tile roofs making this gutter an ideal choice for your home when replacing an existing gutter or a new installation. 

Shortest length: 1.00m Longest length available: 8.00m


How long does delivery take? 

Delivery takes approximately 4 - 7 working days once the order has been placed, depending on location. 


What clips do I use to install this gutter when installing with TIMBER fascia?

Two types are available: INTERNAL clips or EXTERNAL clips


What clips do I use to install this gutter when installing with METAL fascia?

Spring clips & over straps are used when using installing this gutter with metal fascia


What does "slotted" mean, and how thick is the steel?

The optional slotted gutter prevents water from overflowing back through eaves and into your home during heavy rain or from blockages in your outlets. The steel thickness is .42bmt.


We use only the best 100% Australian steel for 100% peace of mind, made from BlueScope’s industry-leading brands such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel. And, of course, all our products are extensively performance tested, backed with the strength of the BlueScope warranty and can be relied on with total and absolute confidence. 

Buy Guttering COLORBOND® in Quad Profile. 

This gutter is compatible with both steel and tiled roofs.


Extreme weather conditions aren't unheard of in Australia, so gutters need to be strong enough to perform suitable rainwater collection and provide protection from storm water damage. An economical, classically designed guttering profile, perfect for new installation or to match existing gutter. Quad Gutter is perfect for use with our Steel Fascia system or timber fascia’s with the option of external or concealed brackets.  Optional slots - visible on the front of the guttering to available to allow water overflow in heavy rainfall. Manufactured in COLORBOND® steel to match or contrast your roof.


Firstly, don't forget to remove the plastic protective film upon installation!
Install gutters with suitable fall to avoid waters pooling and to allow for the water to easily flow away to the downpipes. Steeper falls are preferred to the prolonged life of the gutter.
Guttering is able to be installed using either internal clips or external clips. External clips to the guttering can be easier to install and makes your gutters easier to clean out! Internal clips are slightly cheaper. Clips spacing - we recommend every metre, however spacing should not exceed 1200mm.







Why Should You Use Colorbond Guttering Products?


Strong and Tough Material 

A strong gutter can hold the weight of the water. In the rainy season water flow becomes heavier. That's why you need a tough gutter to drain all the rainwater. Colorbond steel gutters are sturdy. Hence, you can trust these gutters. 

No Corrosion 

Most of the gutters face corrosion. As a result, these gutters wears away within a short time. But, Colorbond steel gutters can resist corrosion. They are durable. So, you just don't have to install gutter again and again. 

Every Guttering Product Is Available 

You need many types of guttering products to install your gutters. Gutter clips, external angles, stop ends and many more products. If these products face corrosion, then your gutters may get damaged and weakened. Hence, you need strong Colorbond steel guttering products. Thus, your gutters remain intact for years. 

Why Should You Choose Metal Roofing Online?

Lowest Prices 

Metal Roofing Online always tries to satisfy their customers. That's why they offer the lowest Colorbond guttering prices. Their gutters are available at affordable prices. So, you can buy these gutters without any hesitation. 

Secure Online Ordering Process 

This roofing company has a secure and simple online ordering process. Moreover, you can also order them through the phone via customer service team. They have a safe online ordering process. Hence, you can order them easily. 

Fast Delivery 

Metal Roofing Online will not make their customers wait. They try to deliver their guttering products as soon as they can. So, you can expect a fast delivery service from them. 

High-Quality Australian Blue Scope Steel 

This roofing company produces their products with trusted Australian Bluescope steel. So, all their guttering products are truly durable. These high-quality products can drain water perfectly. That's why you can trust the Australian Bluescope steel roofing products. 


Guttering is essential to your property to effectively protect it from the effects of rainwater. It works with your roofing to divert rainwater away from the building's roof-line and into downpipes where it can be properly drained away from the building. Poorly installed, broken or obstructed guttering will fail to divert water, leading to moisture ingress in your buildings walls and foundations which can produce costly damage. 


Protect your property with Colorbond Quad Gutter with overflow Slots. 

This roll-formed guttering from leading Australian manufacturer Colorbond, is made from a trusted Trusted Australian BlueScope Lysaght Steel roofing material, providing superb resilience against the elements. Enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A uniquely designed product developed specifically for Australian conditions. Each guttering product undergoes rigorous testing, replicating the sometimes harsh extremes of Australian weather.
  2. 'More than just steel': Colorbond metal guttering offers a patented 5 layers of protection, which provide structural integrity, corrosion resistance and a long-lasting finish. 
  3. Easy to maintain: simply wash down with clean, fresh water every 6 months, especially in coastal regions.

This guttering is provided in a smart, paint-baked finish in a range of colours (from Manor Red to Woodland Grey), Colorbond Quad Gutter is a versatile guttering which can be used for a range of property types due to its streamlined profile. This product works well on both residential and commercial properties. 

Lengths of guttering are created from roll-formed sheets of steel which can be cut to lengths of your choice up to 9 metres. Bracketing for this guttering is concealed to give a smart, unobstructed installation. It is lightweight, meaning that installation will not put your building under any additional strain. 

Colorbond guttering can be used alone or as part of the Colorbond range of steel roofing. This product also comes with a range of accessories including a complementary range of downpipes and fascia for a superb presentation to your property's exterior. 

Colorbond Quad Gutter Slotted is offered at the lowest prices & FAST delivery is as standard,