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Our steel is: Australian Made BlueScope Steel. Call our Customer Service Team on 1300 886 944 or email: sales@metalroofingonline.com.au

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COLORBOND® TRIMDEK® roofing sheets are easy to install. 

Coverage width of COLORBOND® TRIMDEK profile sheet - 762mm (allowing for overlap)

When fixing into timber battens, we recommend a 12 gauge x 65mm fastener. 

Minimum roof slope 2 degrees. 

Delivery takes approximately 3 - 4 days.  

Purchase COLORBOND® TRIMDEK roofing sheets for delivery in Queensland. 

The COLORBOND® TRIMDEK roof sheet profile is used on roofs with a minimum of 2 degree of fall or greater.  It is screw down metal deck roofing iron, which makes it very easy to install. These roofing sheets are a cost effective alternative to Klip-Lok roof sheets. It sits well in both domestic and commercial applications.

Cover width of TRIMDEK profile sheet - 762mm (same cover as corrugated iron)

Underpinning new COLORBOND® steel is BlueScope’s new Activate™ technology, making new COLORBOND® steel more resistant to corrosion when drilled, cut or scratched, thereby prolonging its lifespan. Rest assured that COLORBOND® steel is guaranteed to meet relevant Australian standards.

Recommended Fastening Method

When fixing into timber battens, we recommend a 12 gauge x 65mm Type 17 Hex Head screw. If fixing into steel purlins, please use a 12 gauge x 55mm Steel Fix Hex Head screw. When using the sheets as wall cladding, a 12 gauge x 25mm Type 17 Hex Head should be used for timber battens and for steel purlins, a 10 gauge x 16mm Steel Fix Hex Head screw is best.

Cutting Sheets on Site

Metal roofing sheets should be placed face down on padded protection to reduce any damage to the surface. Abrasive discs should be avoided as they create large amounts of swarf and burred edges, both of which can cause ugly rust stains. The use of steel cutting blades, power shears, nibblers or tin snips are recommended to produce relatively clean, sharp edges with a minimum amount of swarf.


You Need To Know About The Right Metal Roofing Materials -COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® 


From various roofing options, the popularity of metal roofing products has increased dramatically and this indicates that most of the homeowners and builders are aware of the product benefits. From last two decades, a new type genre of metal roofing material has introduced in the market and these materials are far from the tin roofs those are generally beeped into mind when someone talks about metal roofing materials. Manufacturers feel the demand from the homeowners that those materials need to be durable, fire-resistant, lightweight roofing which will give a chic look your roof. The potential reason for which homeowners opt to metal roofs is for its fire-resistant quality, longevity and quick time for installing. Furthermore, these materials are surprisingly light in weight which unloads a load of risks from the homeowner when they face any natural threats like heavy rain and many more. As these are the right material those reflecting sun rays, so homes won't get heat as they should be thus for the homeowners those want to reduce their energy bill, they should openly opt for metal roofing materials. Preliminarily, metal roofing materials are made from COLORBOND or ZINCALUME. Copper is also used but is not so popular as is it not friendly to pocket. Most of the homeowners use COLORBOND as that is known as the most common and important roofing material available in the market for their consumer-friendly features. Gutters are generally made up of interconnected troughs and these assure the channel water to downpipes and them out the water away from the home. Many times gutters tend to be clogged with leaves and different debris which escalate the problem to various issues. In order to enjoy its advantage, gutter cleaning is right to opt for. Clogged gutter easily holds the water which creates damage to your walls and the foundation which can ruin the home inside and out.