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COLORBOND Corrugated Iron Roofing Sheets Corrugated Colorbond Diagram Corrugated Colorbond Weight Corrugated Iron Fasteners Diagram COLORBOND®

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COLORBOND® Corrugated roofing, with improved technology and manufactured from the highest quality Bluescope Steel, is now the smart choice when considering your roofing or walling requirements.

What is the steel thickness of this corrugated sheet? 

.48 BMT - which is thicker than the standard .42 bmt roof sheets

What is the sheet cover - 762mm is cover which allows for 1.5 rib overlap.

The actual single sheet width is 850mm wide. 

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes approximately 3 - 4 days.


Which fasteners do I use for the corrugated iron?

Here at Metal Roofing Online, we only use and recommend Class 4 screws when installing your roof sheeting as they last considerably longer in the elements. In a standard roofing application, when fixing to either timber or metal purlins, we have in our range a Multifix screw which is the perfect choice for this roofing iron.


We use only the best 100% Australian steel for 100% peace of mind; made from BlueScope’s industry-leading brands such as COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. And, of course, all our products are extensively performance tested, backed with the strength of the BlueScope warranty and can be relied on with total and absolute confidence. 


Purchase COLORBOND® Roofing and Cladding in Corrugated Iron Sheet Profile

Please note this is the .48 BMT thickness sheet.  Please see further listings if you require t standard .42 BMT sheet.


Among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility. These corrugated iron roofing panels, which are also known as Custom Orb, are suitable for traditional and contemporary roofing projects alike.

Steel thickness - .48 BMT

Sheet cover - 762mm

General Info

COLORBOND® roof and cladding sheets are available in a wide array of different colours to match absolutely any building project and is made in Australia using BlueScope steel. 

Corrugated COLORBOND® is one of the most durable, long-lasting roofing materials available and it’s virtually maintenance-free. Made from hi-tensile steel this profile whilst strong, is also lightweight which minimises sheet damage.

Corrugated sheeting is pierce fixed which ensures easy fixing by the conventional method. To ensure maximum weather protection our Corrugated has a 1.5 rib overlap. The wide cover (762mm) allows for quick installation, saving on both materials and labour. This versatile profile can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 5 degrees.

Here at Metal Roofing Online, we only use and recommend Class 4 screws when installing your roof sheeting as they last considerably longer in the elements. In a standard roofing application, when fixing to either timber or metal purlins, we have in our range a Multifix screw which is the perfect choice for this roofing iron.

When using the corrugated iron sheet in a wall cladding application, there is choice between 12 gauge x 25 mm timber fix screws, when fixing into timber. Othewise, 10 gauge x 16mm will do the trick when fixing into steel.These screws are shorter as they are fixed into the pan (or valley) of the corrugation. "Cover of roofing sheet" : is the measured amount each sheet will cover (including side lap) when layed in position on the roof. IE the cover of a corrugated roof sheet is 760mm or .76 metre. Please consider both resistance to wind pressure and foot traffic for roofing spans. 


Please consider a couple of factors when deciding whether you need .42bmt or .48bmt sheets as roof covering:

Your batten spacing
How often the roof will be walked upon

The maximum recommended support spacings are based on testing in accordance with AS1562.1-1992, AS4040.1-1992 and AS4040.2-1992.


Roof spans consider both resistance to wind pressure and light roof traffic (traffic arising from incidental maintenance).


Maximum Support Spacings (mm)
Types of Span BMT (mm)
0.42 0.48
Single Span 700 800
End Span 900 1300
Internal Span 1200 1700
Unstiffened Eaves Overhang 200 250
Stiffened Eaves Overhang 300 350
Single Span 1800 1800
End Span 2500 2700
Internal Span 2700 2700
Overhang 200 250

For roofs: the data are based on foot-traffic loading.
Walling Sheet spans - please consider wind pressure only.














Roofing Sheeting

On the off chance that you are hoping to supplant the rooftop on your home, or business, you have a few alternatives accessible to you. Standard tiles are as yet a prominent roofing choice, however, they require loads of upkeep and in terrible climate, they can be torn up, which implies you should supplant the rooftop once more. In the event that you are searching for roofing without support, at that point, you ought to consider sheet metal roofing. Roofing Sheeting is contained expansive roofing sheets that are set on your rooftop, giving your home security without a gigantic overhead expense. The best piece of metal roofing is that once it is on your home, it requires barley any upkeep.  Roofing Sheeting metal material comes in numerous styles and COLORBOND® colours and will fit on pretty much any home, regardless of if your house is siding or block. The shading alternatives are about boundless, with some sheet metal roofing organizations stocking up to thirty hues in their list. The roofing sheets are introduced in long sheets, which means even in the roughest breezes, your rooftop will remain set up. Take exact estimations of the purlin focuses from the overhang and imprint the roofing sheets prepared for penetrating the screw openings. Remember to include the drop into the gutter to your estimations, normally about 50mm. It's smarter to utilize chalk for checking roofing iron since pencil may harm the surface. Beside this, there are other practical advantages of metal also. With sheet metal roofing, your home will remain cooler as the metal will mirror the suns beams as opposed to engrossing them. 



The Benefits of Using Corrugated Corrugated Iron roofing

There are various types of roofing materials to choose from for your house, and one of the most common among them is the corrugated iron roofing. This is actually the traditional type that was widely used in most houses and buildings in the past because its price is lower fast to be delivered. However, when newer technology was developed, more roofing types were introduced in the market, thereby giving homeowners better flexibility on their choices nowadays compared to the available options in the past. Despite the abundance of choices on different types of roofing materials with various styles, iron-type corrugated metal roofing still provides several advantages over the other types of roofing. One of its main advantages is cheaper in cost. Considering that this type of roofing is just plain and simple corrugated metal sheets without many styles, this is by far the cheapest material that is at the same time durable enough to withstand even under harsh weather condition. Obviously, another key benefit of using corrugated iron roofing is durability. Being made of strong metal sheets, it provides complete protection for the house even under the extremely hot weather and heavy rains. Hence, building occupants underneath this type of roofing can have peace of mind during bad weathers due to its utmost reliability. The materials used are steel roofing plates that are both heat-resistant and fireproof. Thus, it is one of the strongest materials in the roofing industry thereby ensuring optimum protection and safety for the building occupants. Many people usually associate with iron, and tin materials with rust. However, in this case, these roofing sheets are also rustproof to ensure durability and long-lasting use. In fact, its average lifespan is 50 years. Therefore, this type of metal roofing is replaceable if properly maintained. Its anti-rust properties are made possible with the presence of zinc in its composition. Galvanized corrugated steel sheets are usually mixed and coated with zinc on its outer layer. Zinc prevents water from coming into contact with the steel material in order to prevent rust. Therefore, its entire composition is actually a mixture of both zinc and metal for maximum durability. Another distinct advantage is higher flexibility on choices of colour for the roofing. Most corrugated roofing sheets are available in their natural silver colour. Hence, buyers can directly purchase these materials without bothering on its colours because it can be decided later on during the purchase of paints. Additionally, each entire sheet of metal roofing is light in weight. This can significantly help in reducing the total load weight of the roofing. As a result, it requires lesser foundation requirements compared to fancy heavy-weight roofing materials. Therefore, when choosing for the right type of roofing materials to install on your home, it is best to weigh in your options by looking at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of materials for roofing. In the case of corrugated steel roofing, the information above can greatly help in deciding on whether this is ideal type at your end.


Metal Roofing



As of late, the benefits of utilising metal roofing materials have been found by both home manufacturers and mortgage holders. The quantity of individuals utilising these materials has ascended over the most recent ten years and the interest has caused the expanded dissemination of these materials on the commercial centre. The materials are not to be mistaken for the tin outbuilding rooftops that were utilised previously. Property holders are picking materials for various reasons. It can keep going for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time and will totally keep water from going into the house. This kind of roofing can withstand the desolates of high wind and snow. It is totally impervious to buildup, flame, bugs, and decay and has earned for it the refinement of a decent guarantee.  The explanation behind the extraordinary guarantee is on the grounds that the assembling organisations realise that their item is superb and will last from 20 to 50 years. The item is light. The heaviness of the roofing is a lot lighter when contrasted with both tile and solid types of roofing.  As a result of the softness of the metal rooftop, it tends to be connected directly over the conventional roofing, without first evacuating the first roofing. This adds solidarity to the entire structure. These metal roofing materials are effectively introduced. The quick establishment implies that authorised contractual workers will invest next to no energy in the establishment procedure. This simplicity of establishment attempts further bolstering your good fortune in the circumstance where you may need a snappy rooftop establishment before a vast tempest coming.  The time required is normally just around a couple of days. The metal roofing materials are non-ignitable. This sort of roofing has been given a class A rating for being non-burnable. It is savvy to check with your temporary worker if your rooftop will be non-ignitable under extreme warmth.  On account of the light shade of the metal roofing, light is reflected off the surface and significantly less warmth will really enter the home, therefore. This exercises the measure of warmth that enters the warmth in late morning. With the metal roofing, a pocket of dead-air space wedged between the rooftop deck and the metal will serve to augment the vitality effectiveness. 






Have you ever heard of the statement that says, your house might be your biggest investment and therefore asset? Well it is with no doubt that the truth in it is undeniable. Owing to this fact, it is therefore important to know that as a prudent person, you ought to invest in it with the best of materials if you are going to ensure it serves you well and for a long period of time. Amongst these materials are the roofing sheets you will have in place. Metal Roofing Online is actually the best resort when it comes to these. We display our level of professionalism by selling high-end roofing materials at the lowest prices possible. This can actually be considered as a daily offer, one never to let go off. The most amazing thing is that these roofing sheets come with a 36 year warranty hence guaranteeing you maximum durability. What do we specifically offer? As a company, we deal in the provision of Zincalume and Colorbond roofing sheets in Sydney and surrounding locations. These we assure you are of the best quality and will serve you right. Why go for the Colorbond Roofing Corrugated iron sheets? This roofing sheets, as supplied by our company is actually one of the most used roofing sheet not only in Australia but also in the world. This is attributed to its versatility and high quality.The Colorbond roofing sheets is an interesting brand of iron sheet. It comes in different colours hence suitable for blending in with any project type. In addition to that, these iron sheets can be used for both roofing and walling application. They may be used on roof pitches too from as low as five degrees. With the severe sunlight and heat in the Australian region, you might consider purchasing these sheets. This is because they are specially designed to be more resilient o sunlight and extreme temperatures, an aspect most substitutes lack. The Colorbond Roofing sheets is developed to meet the Australian standards hence giving you the assurance that it is of the desired quality. With all these said, it is now evident that roofing sheets posses various attributes that contribute to its general quality. Metal Roofing Online is absolutely the best choice to go for when buying Colorbond roofing sheets. This is not only because of our low prices vis-a-vis our high quality products, but also because of our fast delivery and competent services. You can consider a fast delivery on orders you place and be rest assured of quick delivery. We do offer tested, tried and trusted Australian Bluescope Steel roofing products as we understand the value of property. With the latest records of Metal Roofing Online successful product functionality and customer satisfaction, why not give us a call right away and let us show you our magic! So you are ready to purchase online some corrugated iron roofing for your home. Sometimes, you just need the right steel above your house and outsource the installation to some contractor that you know. Preferably someone you can contract independently. If that person is familiar with the BlueScope type of roofing material, even better. Because they would have an idea how to handle this material for your home. There are dealers online selling corrugated iron roofing at the lowest price that they can quote. As you may have realised by now, your idea of the lowest price for steel may be different from the idea of some online sellers. There are dealers that are willing to sell these materials at the lowest price possible knowing that not all queries are from the big construction companies. Sometimes queries come from small families with plans of having their home renovated. They have to stay within the budget or they might end up dipping into their retirement savings just to cough up enough cash to get that roof upgraded. When you have a home with a leaky roof and a roofing surface that had seen better days, your budget can only do so much. On the other hand, what might made some corrugated iron products to be low-priced is the lack of the BlueScope warranty. BlueScope as a renowned brand for roofing products has become associated with high profile construction projects that put value on money spent. While at first glance, these products may seem like they carry some premium-level price tag, the products over-deliver on their promise of securing a roof above their heads. This fact made the BlueScope guarantee a valuable asset in these sheets of corrugated iron. This is why corrugated iron roofing materials that come with the BlueScope warranty have become accessible for purchase online. There are variants that are sold in the lowest price ever without going too low and without compromising the quality expected of the BlueScope brand. In effect, it is like getting something more than what you paid for. If you have pictured in your head all of the needed materials to get forward with your roofing renovation, you may have imagined buying these by-products of corrugated iron and fasteners separately. That might go beyond the budgetary constraints. With some packages online, you end up buying the same materials in one combo purchase at the lowest prices possible. The next thing that you have to worry about would be delivery. Fast delivery is possible once you consider the comparisons between regular post and express post. Express post is if it takes less than 2 days for the purchased small accessories to be delivered to your doorstep. Otherwise, the regular post option will be around 2 to 4 days for delivery to be done. Surcharges tend to apply whenever orders with roofing sheets measuring more than 13m are involved. Rates on delivery charges vary. The delivery time frame is already a factor. Once distance from the place of shipment to the delivery area become a consideration, you may simply refer to the time frame of 2 to 4 days for the corrugated iron materials to be delivered. Getting in touch with us regarding specifications on delivery time and place would be the best way to set expectations in delivery time and location.