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Polycarbonate roof sheeting 5 Rib Trimdek.

***Features a Lifetime Warranty***

Our Polycarbonate sheets are produced in the same profiles as our metal roofing sheets. They are quick and easy to install, and are the ideal solution where light transmission is appropriate.

Cover width of sheet: 760mm.    Overall 830mm wide.    Side Laps: Overlap 1 rib

Matching metal roofing sheet: Trimdek or similiar. 

Please contact our office 1300 886 944 if you require longer sheets up to 8.1m for colours - Clear, Opal or Grey.

Light Bronze & Dark Tint only available up to maximum 6m long


Polycarbonate Roofing - 5 Rib Sheets - to suit Trimdek and Apclad Profiles


Our Polycarbonate sheets are produced in the same profiles as our metal roofing sheets. They are quick and easy to install, and are the ideal solution where light transmission is appropriate.

Our Polycarbonate Sheets are able to be cut to your custom length and come with a lifetime warranty

Polycarbonate roof sheeting is available in clear and a range of colours, each with its own degree of light transmission.

Fall -3° fall is sufficient. Over 3.6 metres this is 180mm. We strongly recommend using 5 Rib when the roof pitch is minimal. If there is insufficient fall, leakage may occur. Overlap -1 rib.

Polycarbonate roofing is best cut with sharp snips.  Small cuts can be made with strong, sharp scissors.  If a power saw is used it should be fitted with a fine toothed blade suitable for cutting plastics or aluminium.  Do not use high speed cut-off wheels or similar as they cause melting.

Please read the labels on the sheet prior to installation and check each sheet label thoroughly to ensure that the UV protected surfaces faces the correct way.  Sheets incorrectly installed will not withstand weathering and discolouration will result.  When used vertically, face the protected side of the sheet in the direction of the most intensive sunlight or exposure to weather.


End - 900mm

Mid - 1000mm

1 sheet - 760mm

2 sheets - 1620mm

3 sheets - 2380mm





What Are Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets And Why Should You Use Them?


Here at Metal Roofing Online we are frequently asked what polycarbonate roofing is. Well, in our article today we will expound on this topic and give a clear understanding of what it exactly means. What is polycarbonate? This a strong plastic material that is always light weighed. It can also withstand extreme temperatures either hot or cold. These types of sheets can be used to roof plant houses, car ports, greenhouses etc. as a customer or building constructor you might ask yourself why one should prefer polycarbonate roofing over other roofs. Here are some of the advantages. Advantages of polycarbonate roofing. It withstands extreme amount of force - these types of sheets can hardly be broken. Surprisingly, some manufacturers have come up with bullet proof polycarbonate roofing. Such kinds are used in making police shields and bullet proof jackets. Resistance to various harsh weather conditions- this can be hot or cold temperature, snow, heavy rain, harsh sunlight. This becomes an added advantage since the polycarbonate roofing lasts for long without losing its original color or getting damaged. Has Ultraviolet rays blocking capabilities - this property makes it advantageous it can be used in green houses since the plants won’t be affected. It also used in constructing sunroom roofing. They are light in weight- one can easily transport them from one area to another. This factor also eases the roofing work when one is fixing the sheets. Additional information on why you should choose polycarbonate roofing. It comes with variety of colours to choose from. This, at times, becomes a little bit tricky to find out which one is perfect for you. However, each size and colour serves a given purpose. Installation of these sheets is very easy. It only needs effort and a bit of time. One does not need any professional tools for this job. A handsaw will be enough for cutting the sheets but there is a specific procedure that one follows during installation. Where do I buy one? Here at Metal Roofing Online we do offer polycarbonate roofing sheets. The good thing about us is that our prices are low and very affordable. One can also easily secure by ordering online using PayPal. We also offer fast delivery to various destinations. There is a lifetime warranty hail resistant offered. Hurry up and reach us through our various social media platforms or contact us using these numbers 1300 886 944.