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insulation blanket

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75mm Insulation blanket and foil - this product is ideal for use under commercial and residential metal roof constructions. Can also be used on metal clad walls of commercial buildings.

One 15m roll will cover: 18sqm

Width of insulation blanket: 1200

R Value: 1.8


Fasten to roofing battens using Spotfix Foil Fasteners 

Insulation Blanket & Foil 75mm

One 15m roll will cover18sqm

Width of insulation blanket: 1200


Insulation under all roofs is essential to reduce your buildings heating & cooling costs. It also provides control of condensation and reduces unwanted noises created by rain and expansion and contraction.

This product is ideal for use under commercial and residential metal roof constructions. Can also be used on metal clad walls of commercial buildings.

When installing this product. The foil should face down into the roof space, and the blanket should face up against the under side of the roof sheets. 

R Value - 1.8





Lower Cooling/Heating Costs With Permastop Insulation Blanket

Everybody’s looking to conserve energy these days, not only to be more environmentally responsible, but also to save a lot of money — which is highly advised, considering the present unstable economic climate around the globe. Homeowners these days are exploring a multitude of options on how to cut their energy consumption without compromising convenient living. They are willing to make a switch from the items that they have grown accustomed to in order to support what they believe to be smarter alternatives.♦ Thankfully, there are many provisions for the house these days that are known to enhance the function of important home features and limit excessive consumption of energy. One of these provisions is the insulation blanket which is used to improve homes’ heating and cooling efficiency.  An insulation blanket is a cost-effective thermal and acoustic barrier for energy-efficient construction. It comes in different designs and materials, but considered the most effective nowadays, performance-wise, is the Permastop Building Blanket insulation. What sets it apart from other insulation blankets in the market is that it features a next generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling for people tasked to install them (basically, it makes installation so much easier and quicker to complete). Permastop® Building Blanket insulation is made of glass wool insulation on one side with Sisalation® foil laminate that is non-permeable to moisture, plus it has a 150 millimetre foil lap that allows the moisture barrier to be properly sealed, making it very effective in maintaining ideal climate inside the home.  As far as quality is concerned, it boasts of having superior durability and, as mentioned earlier, it’s easy to install all over the house (typical places are in cavity walls, under floors, under roofing, basements, crawlspaces, and attics) to keep condensation under control. Worth mentioning as well is how installing these insulation blankets keep outside noise under control, too; the ideal thickness and density of the material effectively minimise reverberation and unwanted noise coming from outside the building such as street traffic, rain, and hail. And lastly, these blankets are known to reduce the expansion and contraction of metal roofing and cladding which essentially helps maintain the integrity of the building structure.  There are different ways of installing insulation blankets; makers of the Permastop® Building Insulation blanket advise folks who live in temperate and sub-tropical climates to install the blanket with the foil facing down and keeping the blanket in contact with the underside of the roof. For the best method of installation for these insulation blankets in your home, seek the advice of or hire trusted builders in your locality.  Non-combustible and also reduces unwanted noise from outside the home and limits sound transmission from room to room. Made using recycled glass bottles, sand and using ECOSE™ Technology, EarthWool™ sets a new benchmark for insulation sustainability and ease of handling.  Made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibres bonded by ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary new binder based on rapidly renewable bio-based materias rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals. ECOSE® Technology reduces Knauf Insulation binder embodied energy and contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colours found in traditional glasswool insulation.