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Barge Capping COLORBOND or ZINCALUME Standard Barge Capping Example Barge Capping Custom Made COLORBOND COLORBOND®

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What is this flashing used for? 

Waterproof the junction between the fascia or barge board and roof sheeting, providing an attractive finish to the roof. 

How do I have this flashing custom made to my requirements?

If you need custom made flashings we’re happy to customise any measurements to suit your needs - please download Custom Flashings Order Form and return to



We use only the best 100% Australian steel for 100% peace of mind; made from BlueScope’s industry-leading brands such as COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. And, of course, all our products are extensively performance tested, backed with the strength of the BlueScope warranty and can be relied on with total and absolute confidence.

Barge Capping Roof Flashing: COLORBOND® 


Barge cappings are fitted to water proof the junction bewteen the fascia or the barge board and the roof sheeting - providing an attractive finish to the roof.

 These flashings are usually right angled flashings installed at each end wall where the end wall sheets meet the roof sheeting and a water proof capping is required to seal the property. They are also available in custom made designs to suit your specific requirements. 

Measurements- 10mm hook, 75mm rise, 140mm accross the roof with a 10mm break at the end.

Feel free to download our order sheet and contact us if you require a custom made flashing.   





The Need for A Proper Roof Flashing 

Flashing is most times overlooked improperly or poorly installed during roof installation. In real sense, it is an important element of your roofing system. It helps to keep your roof airtight and waterproof, sealing the outer envelope, which protects your home interior from weather and any other element. What really is flashing? Flashing is normally placed around parts of the roof’s surface in which a projection, like at a skylight or chimney, intersects with the roof. If it's not properly sealed, these areas always succumb to leaks. These types of intersections expand as well as contract depending on humidity and temperatures levels. Great flashing should let this movement while producing a tight seal that will keep moisture out of the home and roof. Keep reading to learn how importance flashing is for the upkeep and general protection of your home. What are the materials used for flashing? Roof Flashing can be made from different materials, which include ZINCALUME®, COLORBOND® or copper. The most long-lasting (and, also, most costly) material for flashing is metal sheet. Copper is also the most popular choice of metal flashing material due to its long-lasting and ability to adapt to weather changes. Roof flashing gives the extra safeguard to the likely surfaces for water is to leak on. They cover the edges of skylights and chimneys, under the shingles, vent pipes, soil stacks, roof valleys which include the intersection of the dormer walls and roof deck. But because of contraction and expansion because of weather changes, your roofing parts are susceptible to wear and tear and deterioration. Regarding roof flashings, if they are not properly installed, you will see typical defects. Always install it together with other protective sealant layers. This will make sure a leak free roof for many years to come. Flashing is an important part of your roofing system that helps to keep your home safe from any moisture damage. Contact Metal Roofing Online who supply trusted COLORBOND® Australian BlueScope Steel for the lowest prices, fast delivery.


Why Use Roof Flashing?

Meticulous attention should always be paid to the project of building a home. Since quality of life is directly connected to the quality of your home, it’s imperative to make sure that you only use the best building materials for it. In upholding this basic principle, not only will you be able to cultivate the quality of life you desire, but you can likewise make certain that your investment will serve you well for as long as you need it to. Regarding the roof of your home, it’s not enough that you use the best roofing sheets on the market; it’s equally important for you to know what other roofing elements you should use which can enhance the main function and increase the lifespan of these roofing sheets. Among these vital roofing accessories are roof flashings, which are installed around the edges of roofing sheets. So what exactly are the contributions of roof flashings to your roofing? Improved overall appearance. Since flashing are fitted on the edges of roofs, they will create a more polished appearance to your roofing. The raw edges of roofs are not necessarily unappealing, but they simply don’t have a nice, refined appearance to them. They can make the task of cleaning roofs so much easier. They can reduce the build-up of debris and other elements on your roof since they effectively direct water away from the house during a downpour. With the help of flashings, heavy rainfall will work to your advantage in keeping the roof of your home clean. How’s that for convenient? Roof flashing can help preserve the structural integrity of other building elements. As mentioned earlier, they effectively direct water away from the house. This means there’s a lower likelihood of water settling in one place, coursing through channels they shouldn’t be getting into, and getting absorbed by other building materials. By using flashings for your roof, you can avoid ceiling leaks and even moulds, which will not only alter the look of your home but are also harmful to health. It’s also worth noting that flashings will definitely help preserve your roofing sheets because these lower the likelihood of edges fraying and corroding because they cease to be the final contact points of water before it falls to the ground. These great contributions are the reasons why you shouldn’t scrimp on roofing; you have everything to gain from the additional investment you make.


Metal Roofing Online


With a great roof in mind, you may now be now asking where you could possibly get one that is reliable. This is where we come in. Here at Metal Roofing Online, we give you many options on materials for any of your roofing needs and that, of course, includes Trimdek. All of which can be viewed from the comfort of your home. We have gone through 3 decades giving our clients an exceptional job with whatever delivery they ask us to do whether big or small. Our company has made a reputation for providing quality and service at a cheap price. We would love to serve you as well. We understand that making purchases online may be quite risky entering personal banking details on the world wide web. With PAYPAL as our payment provider, any important information will go through military specification security where hackers will never get a hold of it. PayPal, after all, has been trusted by over 14,000 businesses. If you do decide to order from us, not only do you get a sure way of getting COLORBOND Roof Flashings and other roofing materials you may need, but you also get them for the cheapest price. We deliver fast and only sell trusted COLORBOND® Australian BlueScope Steel roofing products. Still hesitant? You may even read some of our customer testimonials on our about us page.