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COLORBOND® Steel Cladding: Dominion 285mm Pan 25mm High .55BMT 


Whether used in long lengths running vertically or horizontally on a structure, or in shorter lengths to create a ‘block-like’ effect, DOMINION® cladding makes a strong and extremely stylish statement. With raised panels and recessed ‘express’ joints, this profile conveys a sleek, contemporary character with a pleasing detail created by the shadowed ‘channels’.


COLORBOND® Steel: DOMINION™ cladding is screw-fixed to supports. Engage the overlap leg into the underlap recess, then fix the nominated fastener through both legs into batten or plywood support. When the screw is properly tightened into the metal there should be a minimum of three (3) threads protruding past the support being fixed. For timber, the screw must have a min embedment of 25mm into the timber.


Know the benefits of metal roofing sheets for your property.


High quality roofing system is integral for the safety and security of your family members as it protects them from extreme weather conditions as well as other kind of dangers. Therefore you need to make sure that the roof is made of strong, sturdy and durable roofing material that will perform the above mentioned functions and you will enjoy living in a home that does not pose any risk or threat. If you are in search of the highest quality roof, you should consider metal roofing sheets as it offers a host of benefits for your property and your loved ones. There are many benefits offered by metal roofing sheets but the most important benefit is that it will last for a longer period of time so that you will enjoy its benefits without spending money on its replacements. Furthermore, it has been seen that metal roofs has longer lifespan and longevity which means that it will last for more than 50 years. Hence you will not have to replace the roof frequently and if you are in search of the best roof for your property, you should consider opting for trusted Australian- Bluescope steel roofing for meeting your needs and requirements. For easy and secure online ordering, you need to visit www.metalroofingonline.com.au as it is the best place where you will get the highest quality roofing sheets at lowest prices along with fast delivery. Metal roofing sheets is also known to be the best kind of roofing material among the other kind of materials as it will remain strong for a longer period of time especially during storm, hurricanes and high wind. You will get a visually appealing option that will enhance the beauty and elegance of your property in an excellent and cost effective manner. With roof installation, you will get complete peace of mind that your property will remain protected for the longest period of time.