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Spandek Roofing Sheets COLORBOND

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Purchase COLORBOND® Spandek roof sheets - used on low roof pitches or just as popular for wall cladding. 

Spandek can be used on roofs with a pitch of 2 degrees or greater.

Cover width of sheet 700mm.

Delivery takes approx 3 - 4 working days. 

SPANDEK COLORBOND® Roof and wall sheets.

Fixing method- for roofing fix throught the top of the rib with 12 x 65 T17 Timber fixing screws, or 12 x 58 Steel fixing screws. 

For wall installation fix through the low pan of the sheet using 12 x 25 T17 Timber fixing screws or 10 x 16 Steel fixing screws.

Spandek can be used on roofs with a pitch of 2 degrees or greater.

Cover width of sheet 700mm.
Actual Width 754mm

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COLORBOND® - Adding Aesthetic Value and Comfort To your Home 



If you have your house with a roof, you will most likely want to make sure that you use the best material for work. Currently, Colorbond is a very popular option. Other than the benefit of do it your self installation process, what makes it a good option? Modern design. One of the most common reasons people have a Colorbond roof installed in their homes is that this material is ideal for properties that either do not have an inclined roof or a roof with a small gradient. It is also very popular with modern designers who use this material to give the properties a more modern feel. In the past, the roof did not differ in colour, but this is not so. These days you can colour materials such as Colorbond in any way that you like, allowing them to add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. You can choose a more traditional shade or something completely outrageous; after all, this is just one of the many ways that you can make your property your own. Heating and cooling costs - More and more people are trying to cut their heating and cooling costs, as these costs are rising on an ongoing basis. With the help of Colorbond, you can improve the overall insulation of your property, allowing the heat to remain in the property in the winter and keeping cool during the summer. Anticorrosive properties - One of the most important factors that you will need to consider when using any roofing material is whether it can withstand the elements and this completes the corrosive properties of the water. In contrast, COLORBOND is a very corrosion-resistant material, and since it has existed for past many years, it can be determined whether it is capable of withstanding the test of time. Conclusion - The last thing you want is that your roof looked good for a few years before you explicitly warned you, so you need to think long when you make that decision. When you use suitable materials in the construction, you not only benefit from the aesthetic benefits that they can offer, but also what they add to the overall comfort levels in your home. Colorbond can be a suitable material for your roof, if you are looking for quality and durability. However, to ensure you have top quality colorbond, you have to purchase them from trusted Australian Bluescope Steel, covered by warranty. You can Purchase your COLORBOND® roofing from Metal Roofing Online at lowest prices and get fast delivery. It is easy, secure online ordering at the comfort of your home.