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TRIMDEK double sided sheets

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Available in Double-sided so you can enjoy the colour on the top side and bottom side of the patio roof.


Order DOUBLE SIDED COLORBOND® Steel in TRIMDEK Profile now online or contact our customer care team on 1300 886 944 or email.


Price is per lineal metre and includes GST, and the underside is a gloss colour.


Sheet Tolerance: Length: + 0mm, – 15mm; Width: + 4mm, – 4mm Make allowance for thermal expansion or contraction for long length roofs at sheeting ends.


Among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility. These COLORBOND® steel corrugated iron roofing panels, also known as Custom Orb, are suitable for traditional and contemporary roofing projects alike. With improved technology and manufactured from the highest quality Bluescope Steel, is now the smart choice when considering your roofing or walling requirement.

Metal Roofing- get high quality roofing supplies for strong roof.

When you are exploring the various roofing options for installation at your residential property, you should consider metal roofing. Apart from being a popular option, it is the most durable, strong and budget friendly roof that will offer benefits for your many years to come. Moreover, you will get these roof installed with fast delivery and you will save money with lowest prices on the roof. When you are thinking of upgrading or replacing the existing roof of your home then you should consider metal roofs as it will offer long lasting value to your property. You can order high quality metal roofs by visiting the website https://www.metalroofingonline.com.au for ensuring that your home will have a roof for more than few decades. 

Metal roofing can last longer than any other kind of roofs because it is build to perfection and it will make your home completely secure and protected. With installation of the roof once, there is no need of re-roofing it again because it will not get damaged or destroyed in near future. These roofs can also functions for generations so that you will save money on the roof replacement project. Therefore, when buying the metal roofs, you should buy Trusted-"Australian- BlueScope-steel roofing" for making sure that you are using high quality roofing supplies. You should hire roofers with extensive experience and training so that they can install the roof in an efficient manner. The extreme durability offered by this roofing system is an important criterion that you will need to keep in mind when selecting a roof for your home. You should install a roof that will protect you from all kind of extreme weather conditions so that your home will not get damaged due to any kind of issues. 

Metal roofing can be installed with easy as well as secure online ordering so that you will not face any hassles with the roof installation. But for successful roof installation, you should purchase high quality roofing supplies that will make your roof durable and stronger than before. The lightweight roof can attribute to the structural stability of your property so that it will not get damaged easily. These roofs are also known as a sustainable option so that it will protect the environment. These energy efficient roofs will help you save money on the energy bills as it will keep your living space insulated and protected efficiently for a long period of time.