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Sisalation Foil

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Sisalation roofing foil is installed under metal roofs, it reflects radiant heat and provides a barrier to prevent condensation on the underside of the roof sheet.

Length of roll is 60 metres - covers is 72sqm. 

Width of sisalation roll - 1.35m

Our foil is strong and easy to install, using foil fasteners or double sided tape. When installing the foil, the blue side is installed facing the sky, foil side is placed down. 

Purchase Roofing Foil - 60 metre roll

Cover is 72sqm per 60 metre roll

Sisalation roofing foil consists of outer layers of aluminium foil bonded to weave, bonded together with a heavy coating of flame retardant adhesive. It is installed under metal roofs, it reflects radiant heat and provides a barrier to prevent condensation on the underside of the roof sheet.

 Alumimium reflective foil insulation is also referred to as "sarking"


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Manufactured in Australia, Roofing Foil is a anti-glare reflective foil laminate recommended for use in the sarking of metal roofs. Flame retardant Sisalation is suitable for use in buildings in bushfire prone areas.

Provides an effective barrier against moisture, vapours, wind, heat and dust penetration when overlapped.


When used in conjunction with an airspace, Sisalation is an effective thermal insulation material because of the high reflectivity and low emissivity of its aluminum foil surfaces.


Complies with the requirements of AS/NZS4859.1. The contribution of this product to Total R-value depends on installation and environmental conditions which include the effect of dust.


Our foil is strong and easy to install, using foil fasteners or double sided tape


Installation Sisalation should be installed in accordance with AS/NZS4200.2:1994 for the installation requirements for "Pliable Building Membranes". External cladding should be installed without delay. Reflective foil in roofs must be installed with a sag or drape down of approximately 40mm - 75mm between the rafters or battens.  This is to allow a vapour barrier to occur between the reflective foil and the metal roof sheeting.


To achieve the stated total R-Values, a mimimum air space of 40mm is required adjacent to each reflective foil face.


Condensation : How it occurs!


The underside of a roof often provides conditions under which condensation of water vapour will occur. In cooler weather, roofs can become several degrees cooler than the outside air temparature. As a result, the air in the roof space may be cooled by contact with the roof. This depression of temparature is often sufficent to cause condensation as air is cooled, it's ability to hold water vapour dimishes. The amount of condensation will depend on the amount of water vapour in the air and this varies with climatic conditions.  Flat roofs are more prone to condensation than steep or pitched roofs.


Roofing foil insulation provides a heat and vapour barrier and also provides a separation membrain to reduce friction between the roof sheets and the supports, due to expansion and contraction of the roofing material.


Sisalation - the best way to insulate your property.

If you want to insulate your property then you will need to purchase Sisalation online from as it is the best place to get a product that will offer the best insulation so that your property can remain cold in summer and warm and winter. It is considered as an excellent radiant barrier that helps in reflecting the heat from the sun as it also helps in reducing your energy bills during the summer and winter months. Purchasing Sisalation online will help you enjoy a lot of benefits as you can get the lowest prices for the product that is energy efficient and helps in protecting your property from every kind of adverse weather conditions. Sisalation is the high quality reflective foil insulation that helps in offering a comfortable temperature during extreme summer and winter months. Therefore you should buy Sisalation online while you can enjoy the benefits of easy and secure online ordering so that the product will bedelivered at your doorsteps. It helps in radiating the heat and it is installed under the metal roofs for acting as a barrier so that condensation can be prevented. Installation of Sisalation means that you have an excellent reflector under the roof so that even when the radiant heat strikes at the surface. With fast delivery online at you can be rest assured that you are getting the best insulation product that will offer immense benefits to your property. You can install Sisalation easily in your roofing system with the use of double side tape or foil fasteners so that you can regulate the indoors temperature of your property in an excellent manner. You can get lowest prices and fast delivery when you order the product online as it is the best way of buying this insulation product from the comfort of your home.


Detailed Information About Sisalation

Sisalation is a reinforced aluminium breakthrough material made using an aluminium spacer, kraft paper, reinforced fibre and polyethylene overlay. It is used as part of industrial plants, warehouses, schools, healing centres and business and private homes. The warming reduces the heat absorption in the summer and contains warm discomfort in the winter. The material also runs as a waterproof film when used under roof tiles. Sisalation has a high light reflection. When introduced into the mechanical building as an uncovered inward roof coating, the reflectivity of the breakthrough improves the lighting of the building.Residential installation - Sisalation While the Sisalation frames a part of a roof structure, it is not a tensile component for outdoor presentation, for example for tiles. It is important in this way to cover the roof foil with the roof as quickly as possible. Begin installing the Sisalation by laying the object longitudinally and working the rafters from the overhang to the roof ridge. The roll should be loosened so that the printed surface faces up and exposes the 150mm cover line. Each level layer must be stretched evenly over the rafters. In extremely uncovered and low - breeze areas a counter - security strategy for the settlement of the Sisalation should be considered to reduce flexion. Roof tiles should be placed as early as possible to limit the presentation to the components. Sisalation must be between the rafters and secure and cover at all joints on a flat surface and vertically by at least 150 mm. If a box roof requires a seal, the main casserole of the material must be secured over the tipping and converted into the channel. Due to the open roof, the main run of material must start 50mm behind the outer divider. The base prescribed width of the flat rounds is 150mm. Laps should definitely be made under a strip, but where a lap happens between the fuses, an extra secure one should be used to secure the back sheet. Due to vertical connections, the base arch should be 150 mm and must be secured to a support using nails. Although Sisalation has been developed with sufficient quality properties to meet the application requirements, it has not been developed to directly carry the weight of installers or tile floorings. In this way, backups should be introduced as the work progress from the overhang to the ridge, which will help create footfalls, along these lines will sustain a strategic removal of damage to the Sisalation. Particular care should be taken when the object is between the fuses. As an added security measure and as an aid to installers, two additional fuses can be placed freely on top of the secure vault to create a larger area. The exposed safe should be climbed to the roof as work progresses.