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Order Online: COLORBOND® Steel MATT Corrugated Iron (Custom Orb) roofing & walling sheets

COLORBOND® steel with a Matt finish provides a sophisticated and understated appearance that adds a touch of luxury. Despite its gentle appearance, it is highly durable and blends seamlessly with elegant architecture by dispersing reflected light to produce a modern and tangible visual effect.


  • .42 BMT is the steel thickness
  • We recommend a 50mm overhang into a standard gutter.
  • Delivery on the Matt COLORBOND® sheets takes approx 4 - 7 working days, depending on location.


  • 762mm is the cover of the COLORBOND® Matt Corrugated Sheets (which allows for the 1.5 rib overlap). 
  • The actual sheet width of corrugated iron is 850mm.  

Material : 

  • COLORBOND® Steel in MATT finish


Sheet Tolerance: Length: + 10mm, – 15mm; Width: + 4mm, – 4mm. Make allowance for thermal expansion or contraction for long-length roofs at sheeting ends


Which COLORBOND® colours are available in the MATT range?

COLORBOND® Monument, Surfmist, Shale Grey Basalt, Bluegum and Dune. 

The Matt surface of COLORBOND® steel, which is smooth in appearance but strong and resilient, attractively diffuses light for a textured designer appearance that can elevate the material palette of your home's façade.




Warranty: We use only the best 100% Australian steel for 100% peace of mind, made from BlueScope’s industry-leading brands such as COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. And, of course, all our products are extensively tested in Australian conditions, backed with the strength of the BlueScope warranty and can be relied on with total and absolute confidence. 

BlueScope offers warranties for up to 36 years for roofing and walling, which is an excellent investment for any homeowner. Choosing BlueScope means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and that you have the best quality steel products available. 

COLORBOND® steel is prepainted steel for exterior roofing and walling. It is the most widely used. The painting complies with AS/NZS 2728:2013 and the steel base is an aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel complying with AS 1397:2011. The minimum yield strength for CUSTOM ORB is G550 (550 MPa). The minimum coating mass is AM100 (100 g/m²).


Among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility. These corrugated iron roofing panels, which are also known as Custom Orb, are suitable for traditional and contemporary roofing projects alike.

Which fasteners do I use for installing the roofing sheets?
Here at Metal Roofing Online, we only use and recommend Class 4 screws when installing your roof sheeting, as they last considerably longer in the elements. In a standard roofing application, when fixing to either timber or metal purlins, we have in our range a Multifix screw which is the perfect choice for this roofing iron. These are able to colour matched to your sheets. 

Corrugated COLORBOND® BlueScope Lysaght Roofing is one of the most durable, long-lasting roofing materials available, and it’s virtually maintenance-free. Made from hi-tensile steel this profile, whilst strong is also lightweight, which minimises sheet damage. Corrugated sheeting is pierce-fixed, which ensures easy fixing by the conventional method. To ensure maximum weather protection, our Corrugated has a 1.5 rib overlap. The wide cover (762mm) allows for quick installation, saving on both materials and labour. This versatile profile can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 5 degrees.

When using the corrugated iron sheet in a wall cladding application, there is a choice between 12 gauge x 25 mm timber fix screws when fixing into the timber. Otherwise, 10 gauge x 16mm will do the trick when fixing into steel.These screws are shorter as they are fixed into the pan (or valley) of the corrugation. "Cover of roofing sheet": is the measured amount each sheet will cover (including side lap) when layed in position on the roof. IE, the cover of a corrugated roof sheet is 760mm or .76 metres. Please consider both resistance to wind pressure and foot traffic for roofing spans. 
Please consider a couple of factors when deciding whether you need .42bmt or .48bmt sheets as roof covering:

Your batten spacing
How often the roof will be walked upon

The maximum recommended support spacings are based on testing in accordance with AS1562.1-1992, AS4040.1-1992 and AS4040.2-1992.

Roof spans consider both resistance to wind pressure and light roof traffic (traffic arising from incidental maintenance).

Wall spans consider resistance to wind pressure only. 


Maximum Support Spacings (mm)
Types of Span BMT (mm)
0.42 0.48
Single Span 700 800
End Span 900 1300
Internal Span 1200 1700
Unstiffened Eaves Overhang 200 250
Stiffened Eaves Overhang 300 350
Single Span 1800 1800
End Span 2500 2700
Internal Span 2700 2700
Overhang 200 250

For roofs: the data are based on foot-traffic loading.
Walling Sheet spans - please consider wind pressure only.

Why Choose Matt Colorbond from Metal Roofing Online

Colorbond Matt happens to be one of the most popular roofing material in the world due to its long life performance, versatility, and high quality. Colorbond Matt is suitable for both traditional and contemporary roofing projects. Regardless of the kind of roof you want to construct, this roofing product provides greater flexibility in both style and finish. Why buy Matt Colorbond Roofing from Metal Roofing Online? A wide variety - Colorbond Matt finish is available in various profiles, including the 'standing-seam' and 'corrugated' profiles. Lowest prices - Metal roofing online is a renowned supplier of best quality roofing products in Australia, specializing in amazing low prices of Matt Colorbond roofing and other products. With many years of experience in the roofing industry, we have what it takes to avail the roofing products you need to complete your roofing project at the lowest price possible. Fast delivery - Metal Roofing Online provides timely delivery of your Matt Colorbond roofing materials to any jobsite in Australia. We have a reliable fleet of delivery flatbed trucks, semi trailers and utes. We usually deliver within 3-4 working days for the Matt COLORBOND® range. Authentic products - Our Matt Colorbond roofing products are made from trusted Australian Bluescope Steel. All our roofing products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they all exceed the Australian Building Code. This guarantees many decades of good performance even in the hardest conditions. We also offer our customers warranty to guarantee them peace of mind. Easy and secure online ordering - Through our website , customers can easily and conveniently place their orders without experiencing any difficulties. Besides, we take a number of credit cards or you can equally directly make deposits in our accounts. This saves you many hassles. Strong, durable, and energy efficient, Matt Colorbond roofing products from Metal Roofing Online deliver great and long-life performance. At Metal Online Roofing, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer elegant and stylish Matt Colorbond roofing products to enhance the overall look and feel of your home design.

Colorbond monument- Know the benefits for your home.

If you want to get an attractive and visually appealing property then you will need to consider Colorbond monument as it is known to add a special charm and elegance to your property. With trusted Australian- Bluescope steel roofing, you can be rest assured that your roofing system will last for a long time and your family will be safe and secure. Moreover you will need to opt for easy and secure online ordering if you want to enjoy living in a home with strong and durable roofing system. You will get lowest prices on corrugated iron by visiting https://www.metalroofingonline.com.auas you will get fast delivery of the roofing products for your home. Colorbond monument is the best option for your home as it allows you to get a roof that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your roofing system at an affordable price. Your roof will stay in good condition so that you will enjoy its benefits for a longer period of time as the roofing system will work efficiently.

Roof sheets

Having a construction project and wondering where to purchase your roof sheets? Well, worry no more. Metal roofing Online.com.au is the perfect roofing solution for you. So, if you are wondering where you can secure quality roofing sheets at an affordable price, we got you covered. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy from us. Lowest price: We sell quality roofing sheets at very low prices. Yes, our quality is good, ranging from colorbond roofing corrugated, zincalume corrugated, steel roofing, and other quality materials. So, want to purchase your quality iron sheets, give us a call. Fast delivery: We do delivery within the shortest time possible. Where you want the roof sheets to be delivered, we reach there. Easy and secure online ordering:Our payment and ordering methods are easy and quick. We accept major credit cards and online payment, including PayPal, is allowed.  Trusted Australian BlueScope steel roofing:We are suppliers of roof sheets made in Australia. Our BlueScope quality steel roofing is trusted, and our customers come back frequently. So, looking for a quality roofing solution, contact us. We are ready to serve you and deliver your order at your desired destination.