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Purchase Polycarbonate Roofing sheets in Corrugated profile. 

With a Lifetime warranty, our polycarbonate roofing sheets are produced in the same profiles as our metal roofing and are easy to install.

Delivery takes approx 3 - 4 working days. 

Please contact our office 1300 886 944 if you require longer sheets up to 8.1m for colours - Clear, Opal, Light Bronze, Grey, Dark Tint.

Smooth Cream only available up to maximum 6m long

Purchase Polycarbonate Roofing in Corrugated Profile

Cover width of sheet: .762 - same as corrugated iron 

Our polycarbonate sheets are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.
Solasafe Polycarbonate Roofing set the highest of standards in the field with a large selection of colours - there is something for everyone!

Consisting of three different profiles, corrugated, greca and 5 rib - handy when you need to match a polycarbonate sheet against a metal roofing sheet.  The most popular profile in our range is the corrugated polycarbonate panel.
The whole range offers 99.9% protection from the suns damaging rays.  Once installed to your outdoor living area, carport roof or similar project, we are sure that you will be as excited as we are with this fantastic product. 
On a cloudy and sunny day, Polycarbonate roofing experiences a process called “expansion and contraction”.  This can give that “cracking” and “creaking” sound, which is caused when the roofing panels rub against the timber batten the panels are fixed to.  To reduce and avoid this noise, we recommend the use of “self cutting” screws. These roofing screws incorporate a “cutting head” on the shaft which cuts an oversized hole in the sheet, allowing room to expand, thus hugely reducing that annoying “cracking” sound.
Another great product to reduce the noise is the aptly named “Anti Noise Tape”.  This product is rolled out across the top of the battens before the sheets are screwed down. This tape is extremely easy to install - one side is sticky.  Simply roll and push!

How can we help? Email us HERE or call us on 1300 886 944.






Shade Factor













Light Bronze




Dark Tint





** Shade Factor Key 0 =Full Light 10 = Full Shade** 




Provide Superior Sun Protection To Your Home’s Outdoor Extension Rooms With The Right Polycarbonate Roofing

Patios, terraces, verandas, porches, and other outdoor home extensions provide families more useful space when the house’s interior becomes too cramped with people. Also, these home extensions are perfect hang-out places for everybody on good weather days. But to ensure comfort, as well as protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the right roofing materials should be used — especially if these functional spaces are not built with a proper ceiling. One of the best options is polycarbonate roofing because it lets natural light through, so these outdoor hang-outs can take advantage of non-electric illumination. However, not all polycarbonate roofing products filter sunlight well; some cannot filter harmful UV properly, thus causing materials placed in the outdoor rooms to become prone to sun damage. Frequent exposure to UV rays is known to morph natural elements like wood, fabric, ceramics, and even expensive flooring; their colours can change, wood is known to shrink, and fabrics become brittle due to the dehydration caused by improperly filtered sunlight. Likewise, if you like staying in your patio on a hot day, you’re going to have to be careful about sun damage as well because you can still get burned even if you have a roof over your head. The best polycarbonate sheet to use is one that can provide as much as 99.9 percent protection from harmful UV rays, such as Solasafe by Ampelite. With this special product, you can ensure that your favourite outdoor hang-out is truly safe to use even on a scorching hot and bright day. Aside from being able to filter UV rays effectively, these impressive roofing products also boast of being incredibly durable; they will last you a very long time and prove to be completely worth your money. Likewise, if you have a very specific look in mind for your patio, terrace, porch or veranda, these roofing products come in three popular design profiles for the sheets in the level one category; you have the corrugated, the Greca, and the 5 Rib.  Colours-wise, you also get a nice selection; for the corrugated and Greca sheets, the colours available are Clear, Opal, Grey, Light Bronze, Smooth Cream, and Dark Tint. Meanwhile, the 5 Rib is available in Clear, Opal, Grey, Light Bronze, and Dark Tint.The selection of colours and other features increase and decrease for the other categories but, one thing’s for certain: These technologically advanced roofing sheets provide superior protection from harmful UV rays. They are building materials that will provide you the best value for your money.