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Top Span Batten Image top span ceiling batten

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Effortless and adaptable, offering exceptional strength, lightness, and stability, TOPSPAN® 22 stands out as a 22mm deep batten designed for optimal performance as a ceiling batten for secure internal attachment of ceiling or wall liners.


 ✔ The top flange boasts a textured surface that enhances the grip for plasterboard screws, ensuring a secure installation.

 ✔ With nominal overlapping, you can count on consistent and perfectly aligned fasteners.

 ✔ Delivering remarkable strength in a lightweight form, TOPSPAN® 22 is your assurance against shrinkage, warping, or twisting.

 ✔ Stock length: 6100mm

The Versatile TOPSPAN® 22: Your Ultimate Ceiling Batten Solution

When finding the perfect ceiling batten for your internal fixing needs, look no further than TOPSPAN® 22. This 22mm deep batten is easy to use and incredibly versatile, offering many benefits that will elevate your ceiling or wall liner project to new heights.

Strength and Lightness Combined

TOPSPAN® 22 boasts exceptional strength despite its lightweight nature. This unique combination of qualities makes it the ideal choice for various applications. Whether you're working on a DIY home improvement project or a professional installation, you can rely on the robustness of TOPSPAN® 22 to deliver outstanding results.

Enhanced Grip with Embossed Surface

One of the standout features of TOPSPAN® 22 is its top flange, which comes with an embossed surface. This thoughtful design element serves a crucial purpose - it makes it significantly easier for plasterboard screws to grip securely. This ensures a tight and secure fit, adding to the overall stability and longevity of your ceiling or wall liner.

Continuity and Alignment

Achieving the perfect finish for your ceiling or wall liner requires precise alignment of fasteners. TOPSPAN® 22 excels in this regard. Thanks to its nominal lapping feature, you can expect seamless continuity and perfect straightness in fastener alignment. This precision not only enhances the aesthetics of your project but also ensures structural integrity.

Built to Last

TOPSPAN® 22 is designed to withstand the test of time. It won't shrink, warp, or twist, even under challenging conditions. This durability ensures that your ceiling or wall liner will maintain its integrity and appearance over the years, giving you peace of mind and long-lasting satisfaction.

In conclusion, if you're searching for a ceiling batten that combines ease of use, versatility, and strength, TOPSPAN® 22 is your ultimate solution. Its embossed surface enhances grip, ensuring a secure fit, while nominal lapping guarantees perfect alignment. Moreover, its lightweight yet robust design ensures long-term durability, making it a top choice for all your ceiling and wall liner projects.

Choose the best with TOPSPAN® 22, exclusively available at Metal Roofing Online. We cater to a diverse customer base, focusing on those interested in home improvement and DIY projects. Order online today and experience the excellence of Australian BlueScope Steel products.