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Corrugated Iron ZINCALUME® Roofing Sheets .42 - Victoria

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ZINCALUME® Corrugated Iron Sheets.

Can be used in both roofing and walling applications.

What is the sheet cover?
762mm (which allows for the 1.5 rib overlap)

What is the Steel thickness?  
.42 BMT is the standard thickness of our Australian Made BlueScope Steel sheets. 

Sheet Tolarance: Length: + 10mm, – 10mm; Width: + 4mm, – 4mm Make allowance for thermal expansion or contraction for long length roofs at sheeting ends

Delivery takes approximately 3 - 4 working days.  

ZINCALUME® Roofing Sheets - Sydney Deliveries. 

Steel thickness - .42 BMT

Sheet cover - 762mm

Among the world’s most popular metal roofing products due to its high quality and versatility, these corrugated iron roofing panels are suitable for traditional and contemporary roofing projects alike. Corrugated Zincalume Iron Roof Sheeting is one of the most durable, long-lasting roofing materials available and it’s virtually maintenance-free.


The Zincalume corrugated iron is made in Australia usiong Bluescope Steel. Made from hi-tensile steel this profile whilst strong is also lightweight which minimises sheet damage. It Can be used in both roofing and walling applications.
The wide cover (762mm) allows for quick installation, saving on both materials and labour. This versatile profile can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 5 degrees.
Corrugated sheeting is pierce fixed which ensures easy fixing by the conventional method. To ensure maximum weather protection our Corrugated has a 1.5 rib overlap.
Walking on Roofs.
When walking on metal roof, particular attention should be paid -
Always wear soft soled shoes! Avoid the ribbed types that pick up and hold small stones and metal waste as these could scratch the surface of the sheets.
On pitched roofs over 25˚ protection against falling should be provided by way of safety harness, perimeter edge protection or safety wire mesh.
All care should be taken to make sure any moisture has evaporated, especially on cool early mornings.
Use fasteners complying with AS 3566 Class 3. 
Roofing into Timber Battens: Use 12 Gauge x 50mm Multifix screws
Roofing in Steel Purlins: Use 12 Gauge x 50mm Multifix screws (approx 6 per m2)
Wall Cladding into Timber Battens: Use 12 Gauge x 25mm Hex Head screws 
Wall Cladding into Steel Purlins: Use 10 Gauge x 16mm Hex Head screws (approx 5 per m2)
Other useful information:
◦ Corrugated Zincalume metal roofing sheets are a popular choice for roofing on structures throughout Australia and beyond.

◦ Corrugated roofing sheets are highly resistant to scuffs and scratches during the installation process after installation.  Zincalume also coats their roofing sheets with a special, highly tested material that extends the lifespan of the product, while also improving performance, including in extreme marine environments, which tend to be very testing for metals in general.

◦ In addition to use in extreme marine environments, corrugated metal roofing sheets can be used in industrial settings and in highly corrosive environments.

◦ Metal roofing sheets like Corrugated Zincalume Next Generation are ideal for projects that require a long-lasting roofing solution, as metal roofs are said to last for up to 100 years, whereas tiled roofs tend to require lots of repairs, particularly in extreme environments where there's lots of rainfall, wind and exposure to corrosive elements.

◦ Corrugated Zincalume is also resistant to damage from pests, such as birds, insects and animals. Metal corrugated roofing sheets will not develop green streaks due to algae either, so there's no need to clean o replace the metal roofing if it's situated in a damp area. Metal roofing sheets are also more fire resistant, making them ideal for locations that are prone to wildfires or buildings and structures that must meet stringent fire codes.

◦ In addition, Corrugated Zincalume and other forms of metal sheets are more lightweight than their tile and asphalt roofing counterparts. Plus, corrugated metal roofs are typically much less expensive in the long term, as they're much less likely to leak and damage is uncommon and typically limited to denting from hail storms.

◦ Corrugated Zincalume roof sheets are also very flexible, and they can be painted in a wide range of different colors, making them ideal for a vast array of different construction projects.

◦ Sometimes known as Custom Orb --- a popular brand of iron roof sheeting --- this option is popular throughout Australia. At Metal Roofing Online, we provide custom sheet cutting services for clients who require a specialized length for their building project.

◦ The sheets can also be cut with tin snips or a metal cutting blade installed on a circular saw.

◦ At Metal Roofing Online, you'll find great prices on Corrugated Zincalume metal roofing sheets for your next construction project or roof upgrade project. Our expert staff are available to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have concerning this or any other metal roofing products that appear on our website.



Creative Ways to Utilise Corrugated Iron Sheets

Corrugated iron roofing sheets have long been associated with outdoor use — on roofs, sheds and even fencing. Indeed, this popular building material possesses several appealing qualities that make it ideal for outdoor use. However, with a little creativity and imagination, you can utilise this type of roofing sheet for other purposes, even inside your home. It is these same properties that make these roofing sheets great for indoor use and other outdoor uses apart from the aforementioned ones. Using this material inside and outside your home can add a new dimension of interest and make your home more appealing to guests and even potential home buyers. If you have recently purchased these roofing sheets online from Metal Roofing Online and you have a few sheets stored, consider utilising those for these projects. For accent walls If you are looking for a quick and easy way to breathe life into your living room, personal den or even your bedroom, consider using these roofing sheets as an accent wall. These roofing sheets can add an industrial look and feel to any room. This project is straightforward and simple. All you have to do is to measure the wall where the roofing sheet will be installed and have it cut to size. Use wood strips to attach the roofing sheet to the wall. As headboards If you think that using these roofing sheets for accent walls is too bold for your taste, you can take things down a notch or two zby using these for your headboard. You can either have a professional cut the roofing sheet to your desired size and shape or make it a DIY project. If you are going for the second route, you will need to find a design template and a few cutting tools. In the kitchen You can utilise these roofing sheets for a quick upgrade of the look of your kitchen. You might want to consider cladding your current kitchen island with a few roofing sheets or use these as a backsplash. Outdoor shower If you want to embark on an outdoor project that is both stylish and functional, consider making an outdoor shower with metal roofing sheets. All you need are a few sheets, some lumber and an outdoor shower kit that you can readily purchase both online and offline. This project is relatively simple and will require a minimal amount of DIY experience and skills.


Benefits offered by ZINCALUME® for your home.




When deciding on the different roofing material for the roof installation in your property, you can select the best roofing material that can protect you from the adverse weather conditions. This roofing material is known as ZINCALUME® which is the most popular option for homeowners; you are looking for the most cost effective solution for the roof. This material is a combination of zinc and aluminium which is known for its beauty, longevity, functionality and durability so that your roof can last for many years. Hence you should Purchase your COLORBOND® roofing from Metal Roofing Online for enjoying a host of benefits offered by this roofing system for your home. ZINCALUME® is known to the most popular option for homes as it is metal roofing that will protect you from wind, fire and bad weather so that you will not face any kind of dangers and risks. Moreover this roof is also beneficial as it has low maintenance cost and you will not have to spend money on the repairs and replacement of the roof. Since it is a lightweight roofing material, it can be installed easily on your property so that you can enjoy its benefits for every protection from natural calamities. It is made with Trusted Australian Bluescope Steel that makes it stronger and durable so that it can last for more than 50 years without the need for replacement. Purchasing the roofing material is covered with warranty so that you will not have to worry about its quality as it will be of the highest quality. ZINCALUME® can be purchased with Easy, secure online ordering so that you will get Fast delivery of the product with lowest prices.You can decide on the design of the roof that you want to install so that you can get this energy efficient option at your home.