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Purchase ZINCALUME® Klip Lok 700 Hi Strength roofing. 

A concealed fixed sheet which gives a modern, clean line with no unsightly screws.

Designed for almost flat roofing applications, these roofing sheets can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 1 degree. 

Cover width of sheet : 700mm

Delivery takes 3 - 4 working days. 

Klip Lok 700 Hi Strength Clip Down Roofing Sheets - ZINCALUME®


Klip Lok 700 features improved rib strength for excellent spanning capacity. Visually, a strong rib makes a bold statement rising from flat pans. Clips permit thermal expansion of long, straight runs, and because there are no piercings through the cladding; the long, straight lines of Klip Lok 700 remain crisp and clean. And no piercings means superb weatherproof performance. 


These roofing sheets are a concealed fixed metal deck roofing and cladding, with no exposed fasteners. In addition they have a versatile roofing profile which is available in long lengths. A concealed fixed profile which not only gives a modern, clean line with no unsightly scews, it also provides the utmost in security under extreme weather conditions. Designed for almost flat roofing applications, these roofing sheets can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 1 degree (1 in 60)

Made in Australia from ZINCALUME® Bluescope Steel.

Cover width of sheet : 700mm


On metal decking, remember to walk in the "trays" or on at least two "ribs", as close as possible to the roofing support. Distribute body weight evenly over the soles of the feet.


Penetrations, ie pipes or skylight, will affect the water flow on a Klip-Down roof. If you require assistance on correct waterproofing penetrations please contact us.



All roof which are pitched less than 15 degrees, the high end of the metal roofing sheets are required to be "turned up". This stops wind driven water entering the building. Similiary, the pans at the guttering end also must be turned down to stop water running back along the underside of the roofing sheets.


Made in Australia from Australian Bluescope Steel.



When fastening into Steel Purlins, use 12 Gauge x 22mm Steel Fix Hex Head Screws, 4 per clip.

When fastening into timber battens, use 12 Gauge x 30mm Hex Head Type 17 screws, 4 per clip (softwood), and use 12 Gauge x 40mm Hex Head Type 17 screws, 4 per clip (hardwood). Allow 1.3 clips per square metre. This is based on 1200mm batten centres.

Building Strong, Reliable And Durable Shelters With Zincalume Roofing

Building or improving a home requires you to focus on making sure every single component is made from high quality materials, installed with expert care and designed with smart practicality in mind. From the smallest nails to the biggest block of stone, every detail can have an impact on the overall look, efficiency and safety of the property.  While every detail is as important as the other, you can still try some practical cost-saving solutions by looking for more affordable alternatives for certain areas of the home. For instance, you may prefer a leading brand but with some research, you can discover another lesser-known manufacturer that can offer the same quality or more quantity at a much lower price.  There are some fundamental things, however, on which you just can’t afford to make compromises: the roof is one particular example. The highest and most exposed part of the house, the roof is also called the helmet of your home. Just like how the helmet you wear protects the head from trauma and injury in case of accidents, the right kind of roof can defend the property against the brunt of the elements. Leading construction companies today don’t take shortcuts when it comes to roof choices – they also rely on leading names such as Zincalume roofing to ensure roofs that can last for a lifetime. The Zincalume name is derived from the main materials that compose it. It is made up of steel that is coated with zinc, aluminium and silicon, providing cutting-edge protection and a superior barrier. The alloy’s double protection mechanism offers a strong shield against corrosion that can never be matched by galvanised iron roofs typically used in construction projects today. Tests also show that a Zincalume roofing and guttering components can remain in good condition for 20 years or more, making it a practical long-term investment. The quality of Zincalume keeps the household well-protected against rain, wind and heat. It also helps maintain a stable indoor temperature, boosting the energy efficiency of the home. Quality roofing helps in circulation, and therefore prevents moisture, mould and allergens from contaminating the indoor air quality. Zincalume is also a favoured choice in other home installations such as carport kits used by DIY enthusiasts. The roofing material is easy to paint, weld and fasten, making it a great material to work with not only in assembling carports, but also in other more ambitious projects such as stand-alone picnic shelter areas or outdoor landing strips.