COLORBOND® Trimdek Roofing Sheets


Purchase COLORBOND® Trimdeck roof sheets - used on low roof pitches. A subtle square-fluted steel cladding and available in long lengths. 

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Also known as: Trimclad, Superdek and Monoclad Trimdek metal roofing sheets are used on roofs with a minimum of 2 degree of fall or greater.  It is screw down metal deck roofing iron, which makes it very easy to install. These roofing sheets are a cost effective alternative to Klip-Lok roofing sheets. It sits well in both domestic and commercial applications.

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Steel thickness - .42 BMT

Cover width of sheet - 762mm (same cover as corrugated iron) The neatest way to cut the roofing sheets is with tin snips


Your home is likely to be your biggest financial investment and your largest asset. Having a BlueScope warranty covering the important steel building products in and around your home is an investment in peace of mind.

COLORBOND® steel is developed for, and therefore more resilient to, the severe sunlight and temperatures typical of Australian environments. BlueScope scientists have tested COLORBOND® steel in some of Australia’s harshest climates. 

Rest assured that COLORBOND® steel is guaranteed to meet relevant Australian standards. Make sure you look for the brand as not all painted steel is genuine COLORBOND® steel.

Recommended Fastening Method

When fixing into timber battens, we recommend a 12 gauge x 65mm Type 17 Hex Head screw. If fixing into steel purlins, please use a 12 gauge x 55mm Steel Fix Hex Head screw. When using the sheets as wall cladding, a 12 gauge x 25mm Type 17 Hex Head should be used for timber battens and for steel purlins, a 10 gauge x 16mm Steel Fix Hex Head screw is best.

Trimdek, in particular, pertains to square-fluted steel cladding that is available in long lengths. This means that one sheet can be used from ridge to gutter without having any end laps. Trimdek is remarkably strong (it can easily recover from deformation), it has excellent spanning capacity, it is lightweight, and it is properly rigid. And of course, it is available in a wide variety of colours that Colorbond roofing steel is well known for — earthy colours that reflect Australia's distinct landscapes.

Keep in mind that your house needs as much care and attention as its other features do. By choosing the best materials, like Trimdek roofing, your home can truly show your neighbourhood what a stunning mix of beauty and function truly looks like.

Installing Trimdek for Walling Using the Pierce-Fixing Method

If you are planning to install Trimdek as a wall cladding, it is highly recommended that you use the pierce-fixing method over the concealed-fixing method. 

With this method, you can affix the screws either through the crests or the pans or valleys. For wall cladding purposes, it is highly recommended that you affix the screws through the valleys for three key reasons. First, the screws are less obvious and the aesthetic lines won't be broken. Second, because the fastener goes through the cladding through the valley, the chances of the cladding getting deformed is practically eliminated. Finally, affixing the screws through the valley ensures a tight water seal.

If you are going to affix the screw through the valleys, you will need a side lap fastener for all the laps and support. If you wish to minimise the time, money and effort required for this task, you may use a crest fastener.

Prior to the installation of the wall cladding, make sure that the support structure is in the same plane. Before laying the sheets, check the supports and make the necessary adjustments. Remember, it will be doubly difficult to make adjustments once the sheets have been installed.

Begin installing the sheets in the area which you expect the prevailing weather to come from. Before lifting the sheets, it is best if you turn these first on the ground. It is much safer that way.

Before affixing each sheet, position it against the building and check whether it is aligned with the end wall as well as the parapet or transverse wall.

After finishing the installation of the first sheet, make sure that the next sheet is aligned properly against the previously installed sheet and from the end of the sheet to either the fascia or purlin.

You can either install each sheet quickly before moving to the next or you can simply fix one sheet after another and then use the intermediate fasteners when all the sheets have been laid into place.

From time to time, double check each sheet to see whether each one is aligned with the first sheet that you installed. Once you are halfway done with the installation, check the sheets and their measurements from the end line so that the final sheet is parallel with the end of the roof. If you think you are off by a little, you can adjust by aligning and fixing the lap and then fixing the outer edge of the sheet by affixing the fastener either closer or further than your original plan.

You can purchase and the other materials you will need for roofing and wall cladding here at Metal Roofing Online, your trusted Bluescope Steel supplier.

The Choices You Make In Buying COLORBOND Metal Roofing

The popularity of COLORBOND metal roofing is steadily increasing. The confidence in the material that consumers are demonstrating attests to the benefits it offers. This also has much to do with the new breed of metal roofing products that has been introduced to the market in the last 20 years. Definitely, these metal sheets are a far cry from the tin barn roofs of old. These days, you can find COLORBOND metal roofing sheets that are lightweight yet durable, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, insulating, and quick to install, making them a most sensible choice for your home’s roof.

If you’ve pretty much decided on a metal roof for your house, what considerations must you take into account before you place your order?

Type of metal

Most metal roofing products are made of aluminium and steel. They are also available in copper, and alloys, but these are often more expensive. Steel is often the most sensible choice among builders and homeowners because it is economical and durable. It also holds paint finishes well.

Aluminium is softer, more prone to damage, and more costly to boot, but it won’t corrode the way other metal choices would if the paint finish is compromised. If you choose a good steel product, however, such as Colorbond, its baked-on paint finish is resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling, so you can expect it to be highly protected from corrosion.

Roofing form

Of course, you need to choose the roofing option that best suits the fundamental look you want for your house. Residential metal roofs come in two basic forms: sheet-like panels and shingles. Each one offers a slew of variations, colours, patterns, etc. Essentially, however, metal roofing sheets, no matter the profile, are meant to create a straightforward metal roof. Architects, builders, and homeowners prefer this option for a clean and contemporary-looking roof, which is suitable for anything from a mountain cabin to a modern suburban home.

Stone-coated metal shingles, on the other hand, were made to mimic the look of terracotta and slate tiles or wood shakes, so while they offer the appeal of shakes, they have the strength of metal.


You can go to a hardware store or some other supplier yourself, spend time walking around, asking about specifications and other details, or you can simply go online where you can shop at your ease and convenience. Find a supplier of Australia BlueScope steel products and get what you want at the lowest prices and have them delivered as fast as possible.

These are some of the choices you face when deciding to have a metal roof. At the end of the day, all these will lead to the right roofing material for you.





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