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Matt Colorbond Standing Seam Standing Seam Colorbond Matt

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Purchase COLORBOND® Metal Cladding: Standing Seam - 330mm Sheet Coverage. 

What is the cover of the COLORBOND® MATT metal cladding standing seam sheet?

 330mm is the sheet coverage of these roofing and wall cladding sheets. 


How long does delivery take?

This cladding product takes approx 5 - 10 working days, depending on location. If you require the sheets urgently, please contact us. 


What is the rib height of the standing seam sheets?

The rib is 25mm high. 


What COLORBOND® colours are available? 

This cladding is available in the COLORBOND® Steel MATT range. If you require the standard COLORBOND colours, please see the listing HERE


How are the standing seam sheets installed? 

The standing seam cladding involves two interlocking panel seams and is lapped.  Each standing seam panel is fastened against the plywood and wrap shield using concealed clips. 

What thickness of plywood should I use behind the sheets? 

The minimum plywood thickness: is 15mm for cladding & 19mm for roofing. 


We use only the best 100% Australian steel for 100% peace of mind; made from BlueScope’s industry-leading brands such as COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. And, of course, all our products are extensively performance tested, backed with the strength of the BlueScope warranty and can be relied on with total and absolute confidence. 

Standing seam cladding is a great decision to make for a tried, true and everlasting covering.

Suitable for both wall facade cladding and roofing, making it a suitable choice for both residential and commercial projects.

The standing seam cladding involves two interlocking panel seams and lapped.  Each standing seam panel is fastened against plywood and wrap shield using concealed clips. 

The minimum plywood thickness: 15mm for cladding & 19mm for roofing. 

Minimum pitch of 3 degrees.



Benefits offered by Colorbond Matt Cladding.



If you want your home to be protected from the extreme weather conditions then it is very important that you look for a strong, durable and functional roofing system that will work towards protecting your home in the desired manner. For this you will need trusted Australian Bluescope steel roofing that will protect your home and offer you complete peace of mind. With the use of Colorbond matt cladding you can add colour, texture as well as protection to your home so that your home will enjoy a large number of benefits in terms of safety and security. When you use this amazing product for your home, you can be rest assured lowest prices and fast delivery for making your interior and exterior look beautiful and visually appealing. With easy and secure online ordering, you can purchase Colorbond matt cladding that will help you achieve a long lasting exterior façade so that you can create depth and texture to your entire property when you use it for your benefits. This is an innovative matt paint technology that helps you to enhance the beauty elegance and grace of your home so that you can attract the attention of your visitors and guests. When you purchase the matt cladding from https://www.metalroofingonline.com.au you can be rest assured that you are getting are highest quality product at the most affordable prices and in many colours that is sure to make you spellbound. Colorbond matt cladding is known to be lightweight, long lasting and extremely durable so that you will not have to repaint your roof frequently because this innovative paint technology is resistant to blistering, flaking and chipping so that you can enjoy a beautiful look for your home. The weather tight feature of this product will help in protecting your property while offering a more subtle and softer look to your living space.







Standing Seam Metal Roof- Know its benefits.

There are a wide variety of options that are available to homeowners who want to install a new roof in their home but among all these options the most popular one is the standing seam metal roof. It is the best roof that can protect your home from every kind of natural disasters like heavy rain, wind, storm & fire. Hence if you want to buy the most durable and energy efficient roof for your home online then you will have to visit https://www.metalroofingonline.com.au as it the best place where you will get high quality roof for your home. There are a large number of benefits offered by standing seam metal roof but the most important benefit is the durability and sturdiness of this roofing option as the roof can last for more than 50 years without the need for replacement or maintenance. It is a very affordable and reliable roofing option that can protect your home for a long period of time as it offer incorrigible cover for your home for keeping you and your family safe. Trusted Australian BlueScope Steel roofing can be purchased from the online store as it offers lowest price and fast delivery for helping you purchase an everlasting and dependable covering for your home. With easy and secure online delivery, you can opt for this roofing option for your home if you want to enjoy a host of benefits as these roofs can also be customized according to the needs and requirements of your home. Standing seam metal roof is an excellent addition to the roofing for home that comes with metal panels running vertically and it is the best roof that prevents moisture and water from collecting on roof so that it does not cause leak which makes the roof last for a longer period of time.