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***PLEASE NOTE: Monument/Thredbo ONLY available in Victoria ***

Get the best of both worlds with our Double-Sided COLORBOND® Steel Trimdek Roofing Sheets. Designed to offer both aesthetic appeal and reliable protection, these sheets can be enjoyed from both the top and bottom sides of your patio roof.

With a minimum roof slope of 2° and a nominal cover width of 762mm, these sheets are suitable for various structures including residential, commercial, and industrial.

Order online or via email for easy and convenient purchasing.

The price listed per lineal meter includes GST and features a glossy color on the underside.

The sheeting features strong trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting in the pans, offering a versatile and adaptable option for your roofing and wall covering needs.

Please note, our sheets have a length tolerance of +0mm and -15mm and a width tolerance of +4mm and -4mm.

Allow for thermal expansion or contraction in long-length roofs at the sheeting ends.


Made in Australia: All BlueScope Steel products are proudly made in Australia from 100% Australian steel.

BlueScope warrants the steel material used to produce your roll-formed steel building products in certain applications and is subject to meeting several conditions. This covers the likes of COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, TRUECORE® steel and GALVASPAN® steel.BlueScope Material Warranties must be applied online via the BlueScope Warranty Management System.



To wooden or steel supports, the TRIMDEK® profile is pierce-fixed. This implies that fastening screws penetrate the sheeting.

For TRIMDEK® cladding, screws can be inserted in the pans or through the crests. Place your roof screws into the crests to ensure maximum water tightness.

You can either utilise crest- or pan-fixing when walling.

Always place the screws in the centre of the corrugation or rib, perpendicular to the sheeting. Fasteners should not be positioned closer to the ends of sheets than 25mm.

COLORBOND® steel is prepainted steel for exterior roofing and walling. It is the most widely used. The painting complies with AS/NZS 2728:2013, and the steel base is an aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel complying with AS 1397:2011. Minimum yield strengths are G550 (550MPa), or G300 (300MPa), depending on the profile. The minimum coating mass is AM100 (100g/m2). LYSAGHT® products comply with the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC).

• When examining a roof, all pertinent OH&S, legal, and regulatory body standards must be adhered to.

• Make sure the ladder or other secure access point is used to gain access to the roof. Away from the borders of the roof.

• Soft-soled footwear and stepping on at least two ribs, as close to supports as feasible, are advised when traversing exposed rooftops. Avoid using point weights on the heels and toes.

• Avoid walking in the pan up to flashings or translucent sheeting when going between supports. Move at least one pan's distance.

• Handling Security - These steel products could be hefty and sharp. When handling this material, it is advised that heavy-duty cut-resistant gloves be used along with suitable manual handling techniques or a lifting strategy.

• To prevent scratching, avoid dragging the product or any other hard objects across the cladding's surface.


Metal Roofing- get high-quality roofing supplies for strong roofs.

When exploring the various roofing options for installation at your residential property, you should consider metal roofing. Apart from being a popular option, it is the most durable, strong and budget-friendly roof that will offer benefits for many years. Moreover, you will install these roofs with fast delivery and save money with the lowest prices on the roof. When considering upgrading or replacing your home's existing roof, you should consider metal roofs as they will offer long-lasting value to your property. 

Metal roofing can last longer than any other kind of roof because it is built to perfection and will make your home completely secure and protected. With the roof installed once, re-roofing it is unnecessary because it will not get damaged or destroyed shortly. These roofs can also function for generations, so you will save money on the roof replacement project. Therefore, when buying metal roofs, you should buy Trusted Australian- BlueScope-steel roofing to ensure you use high-quality roofing supplies. You should hire roofers with extensive experience and training so that they can efficiently install the roof. The extreme durability offered by this roofing system is an important criterion when selecting a roof for your home. You should install a roof that protects you from extreme weather conditions so that your home will not get damaged due to any issues. 

Metal roofing can be installed with easy and secure online ordering so that you will not face any hassles with the roof installation. But for successful roof installation, you should purchase high-quality roofing supplies that will make your roof durable and stronger than before. A lightweight roof can contribute to the structural stability of your property so that it will not get damaged easily. These roofs are also known as a sustainable option so that they will protect the environment. These energy-efficient roofs will help you save money on energy bills as it will keep your living space insulated and protected efficiently for a long period of time. 




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