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Polycarbonate Roofing is truly "your window to the sky" 

Integral surface protection prevents UV degradation of the sheet and helps prolong its life.

Minimum fall recommended for Greca sheets is 5 degrees.

To reduce noise caused by friction due to exapansion and contraction, we recommend using anti noise tape along the top of the battens. 

Please note: Opal & Smooth Cream only available up to maximum 6m long





Why Get Polycarbonate Roofing For Your Property


Roofing plays a key role in maintaining safety and comfort for you, and that of your family. But certain materials may also be used to accent your home. One such roofing material is the polycarbonate panel. Polycarbonate panels are made from transparent thermoplastic polymer. It is very stable, durable, and flexible. And it weighs six times less than comparable glass sheets. While the roofing material might not be ideally suitable for your entire home, its durability and flexibility allow you to use it for other features of your property. You can use it for your carport. You can get it for your greenhouse or conservatory. You can add it to your patio or pergola. With the right polycarbonate roofing, you can add an eye-catching feature to your outdoor living spaces or your entire property. But for all the aesthetic value it provides, polycarbonate panels are more than just “pretty.” They also make for a sound investment. For one thing, polycarbonate panels last a long, long time. You can expect polycarbonate panels on your carport or conservatory to last.Our sheets come with a lifetime warranty. In addition to longevity and higher impact resistance, polycarbonate panels can be manufactured into different roof profiles— according to the architecture of your property. A polycarbonate sheet also offers greater protection from harmful UV rays. Some manufacturers provide varying levels of UV protection so you get just the right amount of balance with light and heat. But overall, polycarbonate panels transmit more light than other materials, which is primarily why it’s a preferred roofing panel for some greenhouses. Finally, with advances in technology and greater demand for more variety, polycarbonate panels also come in varying colours and profiles. You will not be limited to just clear, corrugated panels. You can also go for light bronze, 5-ribbed polycarbonate sheets or opal greca panels.