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12 x 50 multifix screws plain Roofing Tek Screw Plain

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Shop ONLINE: PLAIN (unpainted) 12 x 50 Multifix Tek Roofing Screws B8™ - fastens into timber or steel. 

 ✔ Select from quantities: 100, 500 or 1000

 ✔ Use these fasteners when installing ZINCALUME® (unpainted) roofing or cladding.  


How many screws do I need to install a roofing sheet?

Fasteners amount = Total lineal metres x 6

We recommend approximately five roofing fasteners per 1-metre sheet. There are 13 threads per inch & fastens into timber or metal up to 1.5mm

Warranty Information:

Our 6.2mm x 50mm fasteners with B8 coating come with up to 30 years of corrosion protection warranty, ideal for mild urban areas. With eight times the hardness of Class 4 coating, you can trust the quality of our fasteners.

Shipping Information:

Need these fasteners shipped to your location? No problem! Our roofing and cladding fasteners are available for postage Australia-wide. Choose your postage option at checkout.

Drill Bit Information:

Select the Hex head Socket drill bit HERE for the best results. We recommend an initial 2000-2500 RPM drive speed for optimal performance.


These roofing screws are fitted with a washer, ensuring the screw will fit snugly against the roofing sheet, allowing for maximum fixing and a water-tight seal.

Roof Zip 12 gauge x 50mm Class 4 Tek roofing screws for fixing into timber or steel. 

Winds can create a considerable force on both the upper surface and the underside of metal roofs. To ensure roofs are secure, our 12 x 50 Class 4 screws are recommended for fixing pierced metal sheeting to timber or metal battens.  Self-drilling hex head fasteners with neoprene sealing washers are manufactured from high tensile steel with Colorbond durable coatings.  Roofing screws should be driven through the square with the surface of the sheeting to provide a complete seal around the screw hole.   

Please do not over-tighten the Tek screws, as this can damage the sealing washer and roof sheeting. The ends of corrugated roofing and close-pitched trapezoidal roofing sheets should be fixed through the side lap and every second crest after that.

Fixings are intermediate purlins or battens, for corrugated metal roofing should be through the side lap and the third and seventh corrugation from the side lap. For close-pitch trapezoidal roofing sheets, fixings should be at every third rib.

A string line should be used to make out a straight line along the centre of the battens or purlins.


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