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.48 BMT steel - suitable for 1 degree roof pitch.

Purchase COLORBOND® roofing KLIP-LOK 700 Hi Strength® profile. A concealed fixed sheet which gives a modern, clean line with no unsightly screws. 

Delivery takes approximately 3 - 4 days.  


Klip Lok 700 Hi Strength® Roofing Sheets - .48 BMT

Hi Strength® 700 features improved rib strength for excellent spanning capacity. Visually, a strong rib makes a bold statement rising from flat pans with longitudinal fluting. Clips permit thermal expansion of long, straight runs, and because there are no piercings through the cladding; the long, straight lines of KLIP-LOK Hi Strength® 700 remain crisp and clean. And no piercings means superb weatherproof performance. Can be used in conjunction with the LOK-KLIP™ system which is the fast and effective solution for weather resistant end and expansion joints.
These roofing sheets are a concealed fixed metal deck roofing and cladding, with no exposed fasteners. In addition they have a versatile roofing profile which is available in long lengths. A concealed fixed profile which not only gives a modern, clean line with no unsightly scews, it also provides the utmost in security under extreme weather conditions. Designed for almost flat roofing applications, these roofing sheets can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 2 degrees .42 BMT or 1 degree .48 BMT (1 in 60)

Sheet thickness 
.48 BMT. 

Minimum Roof Pitch

Klip Lok is available for use on roof pitches from as little as 2 degrees or 1 degree for .48 BMT

Number of clips per job:

(Number of supports) x (Number of sheets)



Single Span - 1650mm
End Span - 1750mm
Intenal Span - 2200mm

On metal decking, remember to walk in the "trays" or on at least two "ribs", as close as possible to the roofing support. Distribute body weight evenly over the soles of the feet.

Penetrations, ie pipes or skylight, will affect the water flow on a Klip-Lok roof. If you require assistance on correct waterproofing penetrations please contact us.
Turn up / Turn Down Tool
All roof which are pitched less than 15 degrees, the high end of the metal roofing sheets are required to be "turned up". This stops wind driven water entering the building. Similiary, the pans at the guttering end also must be turned down to stop water running back along the underside of the roofing sheets. 

Recommended Fixing Method
When fastening into Steel Purlins, use 12 Gauge x 22mm Steel Fix Hex Head Screws, 4 per clip.
When fastening into timber battens, use 12 Gauge x 30mm Hex Head Type 17 screws, 4 per clip (softwood), and use 12 Gauge x 40mm Hex Head Type 17 screws, 4 per clip (hardwood). Allow 1.3 clips per square metre. This is based on 1200mm batten centres

How To Choose The Right Colorbond Roof For Your Home


For a long time, iron and its composite metals have been used for roofing purposes, and even certain metals, for example, formed iron when they were used to make solid and versatile auxiliary covers. However, these metal alternatives frequently accompanied several problems, since they should have been painted regularly to maintain their appearance. This normal maintenance made having a metal roof a very expensive speculation. However, these problems were discovered when colorbond metal was familiar with the market. Nowadays, colorbond is a standout among the materials most used by experts from around the world who are looking for durable and attractive roofing options. Colorbond is really a sheet of agitated steel that is secured with durable paint by a mechanical process. This is done as such; the paint will not fall off, even in the most extreme weather conditions. This means that when you put one of these ceilings in your house or warehouse, you do not have to worry about painting it every three to half a year or having problems with rust and consumption. The Colorbond roof has lowest prices when compared to other comparative materials and is easier to transport, store and install in a building. Most industry(Trusted Australian BlueScope Steel) experts today lean towards this roof as it does not require much maintenance work and can be installed faster when compared to a typical tile roof. This roof can be connected to any building. Here are some common advantages of colorbond roofing: The most important advantage of colorbond roofing is that they do not require a lot of maintenance work and it is not necessary to paint the roof with a specific end goal to make it look excellent. This material is perfect for any type and state of construction and can be used for private and commercial purposes. Easy and secure online ordering. This roof is very simple to install and does not need to bother with a lot of installation work. In most cases, it should be possible within a couple of hours. Even when there is some damage to this roof, it is very simple and quick to repair or replace any damaged plate. Metal Roofing Online offers the best colorbond roofing services in the nation and, as our previous clients are happy with our organisation, we do more than any doubt that you get what you expected.

What to Know About Purchasing and Installing Roofing Materials to Avoid Hidden Costs


If the time has come for you to replace your roof, one of the most important things to take care of is your budget. You need to determine the price of roofing materials, as well as the total costs of the repair job, so you can strategically manage the project. In doing this, however, you must be extra careful. Do your homework — don’t just rely on what roofing contractors will tell you about the materials and everything that needs to be done. By arming yourself with information, you can negotiate better and find opportunities for savings. For example, if you will be purchasing roofing materials, roofing contractors may say that they have their own suppliers that will provide the materials at a much cheaper price. While it may be convenient for them to go with their own suppliers, you don’t necessarily have to source all your roofing needs from them. You can find different vendors (like a trusted BlueScope Steel supplier that offers affordable roofing materials and fast delivery of purchases) that can provide a much better deal on your preferred products. Just make sure that you get a full list of the necessary materials for the project so you can effectively compare prices and identify deals that will allow you to save or get more for your money’s worth. Another vital thing to get information on is the installation estimate. Make sure that the process is discussed with you completely and that the costs of all the tasks that comprise installation are covered. Contractors can easily provide you estimates; your job is to compare estimates and enquire about the discrepancies. Through comparison, you’ll learn which contractors are not providing accurate details; those that leave out certain things are quite likely to charge you way more than the estimate they provided.  It will be a big help as well to hire inspectors in determining the cost of the job; inspectors will provide you a report on the amount of work that has to be done based on industry standards. You can compare their report with what contractors say they actually need to do. Third is the cost of all the permits to be procured. You can enquire about this on your own, but a good contractor can provide the real price of all the permits to be pulled for the project. And lastly, it’s best to come to an agreement on a final price with your roofing contractor and to draw up a detailed contract about the project. With a contract, there’s no way for both parties to take advantage of each other.


A Fresher Perspective of the Benefits Offered By Colorbond Roofing


Anybody who owns a home, and who has had to deal with roofing issues before, very possibly already knows that when it comes to roofing products that are built to last, Colorbond roofing is deemed the leader. It offers numerous benefits to homeowners (such as being available at discounted prices online), and this is the main reason why it’s the prime choice of roofing specialists. But what do these benefits really mean to you when you choose to go with Colorbond roofing for your home, or any property structure that needs protection from the elements? For starters, the brand’s 22 inspired colour choices are fail-proof as far as styling is concerned. They were developed particularly to go with the natural hues found all over Australia. This is a huge convenience if you tend to find yourself stumped over style decisions. Whichever of these colours you choose, you can trust that your home will be pleasing to the eye, and not a questionable sight in your community (this can be a huge issue, especially if you live in an exclusive community where there are aesthetic standards to uphold). Now, when it comes to protection, the baked-on finish of Colorbond roofing (that’s known to resist chipping, peeling, cracking, termite infestation, and harsh local weather) is a quality that can withstand the effects of global warming. This year, El Niño wreaked havoc across the globe and outdoor temperatures rose to boiling points. According to climate specialists, this phenomenon will last until winter; by choosing Colorbond roofing, your home can be expected to remain cooler than other buildings because it is able to bounce off heat and really protect your home from wacky weather. It’s a great source of comfort to know that your house has elements that do not use fossil fuel (which contributes to global warming), and yet help maintain the ideal indoor climate. It’s important to mention as well that the durability of Colorbond roofing spans decades. This is a huge advantage, especially if you find yourself financially challenged in the future. Not having to worry about roofing repairs or replacements for your home will be a huge load off of your shoulders. When times are tough, financially, the last thing you want to deal with is a damaged roof. Lastly, the fact that this material is recyclable is a mark of future-readiness for you. There’s a lot of talk about securing the environment and making recyclable materials the standard for the future. Who knows? Authorities may penalise people who have non-recyclable building materials used in their home in the next decade or so—you can avoid this misfortune by making the smart roofing choice now.