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COLORBOND® 115mm Quad gutter is the most popular gutter profile on the market today. Compatable with both tiled and metal roofs.

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Buy Guttering COLORBOND® in Quad Profile. 

This gutter is compatible with both steel and tiled roofs.


Extreme weather conditions aren't unheard of in Australia, so gutters need to be strong enough to perform suitable rainwater collection and provide protection from storm water damage.
An economical, classically designed guttering profile, perfect for new installation or to match existing gutter. Quad Gutter is perfect for use with our Steel Fascia system or timber fascia’s with the option of external or concealed brackets.

♦ Optional slots - visible on the front of the guttering to available to allow water overflow in heavy rainfall.
♦ Manufactured in COLORBOND® steel to match or contrast your roof.


♦ Firstly, don't forget to remove the plastic protective film upon installation!
♦ Install gutters with suitable fall to avoid waters pooling and to allow for the water to easily flow away to the downpipes. Steeper falls are preferred to the prolonged life of the gutter.
♦ Guttering is able to be installed using either internal clips or external clips. External clips to the guttering can be easier to install and makes your gutters easier to clean out! Internal clips are slightly cheaper. Clips spacing - we recommend every metre, however spacing should not exceed 1200mm.



How to Make Your Colorbond Guttering More Efficient

If you notice that your Colorbond guttering is clogged and frequently overflows, it is not always necessary to replace it. There are a few things that you can do to make it efficient and facilitate the optimal flow of water from the roof to the ground. 

Clear obstacles

One of the main reasons why gutters don't work properly is because these are clogged, usually with leaves, especially if you have plenty of trees on your property. Survey your property and look for trees that are close to your home. You have to make sure that the branches of these trees do not come into contact with the gutters. This will prevent these trees from depositing leaves on the gutters as well as keep the branches from impeding the flow of water. Additionally, the weight of a branch or its movement caused by the wind can loosen or knock down the gutters. Check the trees regularly and trim branches when needed.

Install gutter guards

If you regularly trim the branches of the trees near your home and you still find the gutters clogged with leaves, you might want to install gutter guards. This is a simple alternative to removing trees from your property. 

One of the more affordable gutter barriers is the gutter screen which can be easily installed by most homeowners. 

Remove obstacles around the downspout

Check the area surrounding the downpipe. If the downpipe is cluttered or blocked by debris, water cannot flow down properly. Use your hands or a trowel to remove leaves, sticks, and other debris. Do not use a hose to wash down debris; otherwise, you will only cause the downspout to clog. Once you have removed the debris, hose down the gutters.

Upgrading your gutters

If you are replacing your roofs, now is the best time to replace your gutters as well. When you are installing new gutters, consider increasing the size of your downpipe. Increasing the size of the downpipe by just 10mm can increase the capacity of your roofing system to handle more water. This will help prevent the gutters from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water, prevent the gutters from overflowing, and prevent potential damage to the gutters and ceiling space.

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